How can I identify to which quest line a specific quest belongs

My Journal is Full of Quests, And I would like to know if their is a way to determine if a quest belongs to the Main Quest line, or to one of the factions instead of the other questions

Basically: how to determine if a single quest belongs to the:

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    • Main Quest
    • Bards College
    • College of Winterhold
    • Companions
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Imperial Legion
    • Stormcloaks
    • Thieves Guild

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    You can tell by looking at the symbol next to the quests name when viewing it in your quest log.


    The Bards College does not have a symbol of it’s own, but instead uses the generic Side Quest icon.

    Main Quest
    Main Quest = Dragons!

    Side Quests
    Side Quests!

    College of Winterhold
    Eyes for Mages!

    Thieves Guild
    Keys for Thieves

    Dark Brotherhood
    Hail Sithis!

    The Companions

    Civil War
    Civil War, different icon on either side!
    This icon is shared between the Stormcloak and Imperial sides. It is the only asymmetrical item in this list.

    Daedric Quests

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