How can I get rid of this black hole in my minecraft world?

I have interesting bug that I have experienced before but has gone away on its own. This one is not going away though.

I have a giant stripe or chunks missing from my desert biome, I would say probably 7 chunks long.

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  • I’m guessing the chunks are corrupted or something, what was hoping to figure is whether it can repaired or reverted.

    Here is a picture of the problem.

    Missing chunk of land

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I get rid of this black hole in my minecraft world?”

    Reload your chunks

    1. Press F3 + A

    2. There is no step 2

    failing that…

    Reload Minecraft

    1. Close Minecraft

    2. Reopen Minecraft

    failing that…

    Use MCEdit.

    1. Backup your world

    2. Close Minecraft

    3. Open the world in MCEdit

    4. Using the chunk tool, completely delete the missing chunks

    5. Save and close MCEdit

    6. Reopen Minecraft and it will regenerate the missing chunks

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