How can I find a lost item?

I’ve lost Morekei, 100% magicka regen, and I have no idea how. I’ve been looping through all of the shopkeepers I might have somehow sold it to but no one seems to have it.

I’ve got this game on PC. Is there any way I can gain information about where in the game world it is is? Conosle commands or looking through the game files?

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  • I can create another one (anyone know it’s ID?), but I’d prefer not to do that.

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    On PC, you can find its ID with the help "Item" 0 command, then use player.additem ######. A nearly complete list of all items with their IDs can be found on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages [UESP] Wiki.

    I know you “prefer” not to do that, but it’s your only option.

    Console players cannot retrieve or spawn items that have disappeared and have generally a hard time getting back persistent items (like quest items or unique quest rewards) which have fallen through the many cracks of the world, though the details of this depend on the specific item and installed DLCs.

    There’s no way to search for items in Skyrim other than manually.

    The Daedric Ebony Blade is a unique quest item so it is impossible to get another. (on the xbox)

    I’d advise scouring your house for it, items are known to be randomly placed on the floor after you leave the building. Hopefully it will turn up in one of the corners.

    As Peter suggests it’s also worth checking evidence chests, though this would be a last resort imho.

    I’ve found lost items by using the console tcl command and walking through walls in my homes.

    Some items get stuck behind tables, some are just floating out in the “Space” outside the cell.

    i think that’s a bug, and i once was hit with it. if you happen to put in a weapon mannequin( he person like doll where you can put things to “try” it out) with another item, say archmage robes, it will disappear and never be found/lost.

    best hope is to make one, as i also did that, knowing for myself that i already defeated Morekei.

    If you have sold it to a merchant they restock every 48 hours so the merchant might not have your stuff anymore.

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