How can I effectively “sentry jump” with the wrangler?

Now that the wrangler has been introduced to the engineer, the engineer can get to places previously unreachable. Is it possible to get propelled upward with just the gun from the sentry to take less damage? If rockets are used, is it possible to pick up the sentry immediately after rocket launch, so that you can take the sentry with you on the jump? What other tips do you have?

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    You can reduce damage and fly farther by jumping and crouching in mid-air as you shoot the rocket.

    To answer your other question, I present you a page of helpful videos instead.

    I’m honestly not sure about using the gun to propel, or if you can microsecond-time the pickup of the sentry post rocketblast. However, the fairly obvious tip would be to build a teleporter exit in a safe spot wherever you rocket jump to and have your entrance waiting in a convenient spot for afterwards. You’ll be able to move your sentry / dispenser quickly without the hassle of having to rebuild everything.

    You can also propel yourself using shots from the mini-sentry. Stand on top of the mini-sentry and shoot upwards.

    I was practicing sentry jumps the other day and came to discover that if you:

    1. Stand on top the sentry
    2. Look down at it
    3. Simultaniously right click (rocket) and press “3” (change to wrench)

    You can pickup the sentry whilst jumping relatively easily to carry it to new places.

    you may have to right click just before you press “3” and spamming right click instead of just hitting it once can also help

    Hope this helps 😀

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