How can I click to walk to a mob, instead of attacking it?

I started a wizard last night instead of sleeping and found something quite irritating in terms of usability.

When I wanted to walk into a mob of enemies, I clicked (left or right) and attacked with my ranged abilities. All I wanted to do is walk up to the enemies and cast a frost nova. I know I can do this by carefully clicking the ground next to them rather than clicking on the actual mob, however in the heat of battle, down a tight corridor infested with the foul undead, it is easier said than done.

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    You can bind “Move” to a key which will cause your character to move towards your mouse cursor without attacking. It is unbound by default.

    You can click past the enemies, then use the ability when you pass through.

    A few alternative solutions:

    • Bind a spell with a relatively long cooldown—but one you’d always want to keep active—to Mouse 1 (this only works well for some classes). If you can’t cast it due to cooldown (when you click) you’ll “move” (actually try to attack; nearly the same if you’re using a melee weapon).

    • Click anywhere where there aren’t mobs then drag towards where you want to go.

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