How can I change the location Steam saves games on?

I want to change the location steam saves my games too.

How can I do that?

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    There’s no built in method to move only your games (SteamApps) directory. Your best bet is to move your entire Steam installation to your desired location. Valve has a support article that details the steps involved in the entire procedure, along with some important warnings:

    Moving a Steam Installation and Games

    Use mklink and symlink directories. Create a symbolic link in Program Files\Steam that points to a steamapps directory somewhere else. I’ve done it 2 times successfully.

    Also, I should note, that if you don’t know your file system then I would ask for help in doing this.

    You can’t individually. However, you can install Steam anywhere you want, and the save games will then go there. The easiest way would be to move the current directory, uninstall Steam and re-install is wherever you want it, then copy over the moved directory.

    Granted, this won’t make much of a difference unless you want them on another disk, but it’s the only way.

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