How can I change the difficulty?

Is there a way to change the difficulty back to normal after you’ve started a game on nightmare?

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    In order to change the difficulty level back to normal, you have to go to your Character selection screen, select the quest/act and then use the drop down menu in the bottom left hand corner to change the difficulty (re: screenshot).

    enter image description here

    1. Go to your character select screen
    2. Select Change Quest
    3. Near the bottom you can change difficulty.

    NOTE: Each difficulty has to be unlocked first!

    Normal – available by default

    Nightmare – Beat all 4 acts and be at least level 30

    Hell – Beat all 4 acts on Nightmare and be at least level 50

    Inferno – Beat all 4 acts on Hell and be at least level 60

    Select “Change Quest” from the Character Menu. At the bottom left of the menu you can change the difficulty.

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