GTA V graphics bugs on PS3

I just started playing GTA V on my PS3 and during gameplay I noticed that somewhere around the middle-left corner of the screen these strange gray/blackish rectangles keep showing up…they are kinda like flashing in and out very quickly…the rectangles/shapes are not always identical, but they keep showing up in the middle-left corner of the screen.

The rectangles seem to show up especially during daytime in the game. Maybe someone has had the same problem? What would be a fix for this? I have had similar kind of problem in Batman Arkham City, but there workaround for this was simply to restart the game. I tried this also on GTA V and for one time it seemed to work, but couldn’t really confirm this yet.

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  • I managed to take the screenshots when the glitch happens. You can see them here:,l5TvbY8

    Here you can see a youtube-video of the problem:

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GTA V graphics bugs on PS3”

    This could as already stated be a sign of a hardware issue in the PS3 itself, However don’t overlook the possibility of it being a television problem. Try hooking up to another tv, and if that does not fix the problem there may even be something up with the AV or HDMI cable you are using. if swapping out these things does not help and you are still under a warranty I would recommend downloading all your save files to flash drives and return the ps3 for a new one.

    as for the heat problem try to keep your PS3 in a well ventilated area. if this does not help it is more than likely either due to some sort of heat sensor problem or something to do with the fans.

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