GTA V for PC exited unexpectedly

I recently ordered the GTA V PC from Steam and when I finished installing and launch the game. It gave me “Grand Theft Auto V has exited unexpectedly”. I tried “safe mod” and every option available, but none of them work. I checked some forums and found a lot of people having the same problems. What could be the possible cause? I’m using a laptop with these specs:

CPU: i7 4700m

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “GTA V for PC exited unexpectedly”

    The launcher is broken on laptops with graphics switching technologies, so until there’s a patch or something, the launcher will crash every time you try to launch it with both gpu’s enabled.

    A temporary workaround is to go to Device manager, disable your dedicated gpu (in your case – AMD), launch the game and while the launcher is showing “Loading” enable your gpu back again. This will prevent launcher from crashing, while still allowing you to run the game with your dedicated gpu. If you don’t get it right on first try, try re-enabling the gpu slightly later, timing is the key here.
    You have to do this every time you launch the game, except when restarting from within the game to apply graphics settings.

    I made a video that shows when to re-enable the gpu

    Edit: The latest update (17-04-15) fixed the issue and workaround isn’t needed anymore
    Edit2: The update seems to have not fixed the issue for everyone, especially AMD users.

    I found a hot fox for my laptops, it doesn’t provided permanent fix but it can let you play the game using your dedicated GPU. (It might only work for laptops with intel CPU and AMD GPU for laptops)

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