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What do distance units mean?

In XCOM configuration files, distances are expressed in some obscure units, that do not translate to grid cells easily. Example values: unit vision radius: 27 most weapons range: 27 sniper rifle range: 100 soldier (and most enemies) run distance: 12 thin man run distance: 15 cryssalid run distance: 20 A soldier definitely does not run […]

What are the differences between normal and classic difficulties?

I can’t seem to find a good list of info of all the changes that classic mode offers over normal other than that ‘its much harder’. Does any of the enemy AI improve in classic mode? Do enemies have more health and do more damage? Does the panic meter increase faster for countries?

What are the proximity bonuses for adjacent buildings and when do they apply?

The game makes it clear that labs and workshops get a bonus when built next to buildings of the same type. I’ve also seen it written online that Satellite Uplinks get a bonus but I can’t see anywhere what it is. What are all the buildings that get bonuses, and what are those bonuses? Supplemental […]

What alien bits should I sell?

I’ve got a considerable amount of alien detritus lying around my base: Some items, like the damaged UFO flight computer, are marked as useless and intended for sale without consequence. However, I have no idea how many bits of Alien Alloys I’m likely to need. Or what a stack of alien corpses might be useful […]

What does the full research tree look like?

I find myself constantly wishing I had some idea what the research tree looked like. For example, if I want to unlock plasma weapons, do I have to go down the laser weapon path first to unlock it, or am I going in completely in the wrong direction?If I want to get a satellite nexus, […]

How does enemy progression work?

As I play the game, I notice that eventually tougher enemies show up. From what I’ve read, it sounds like this is based on elapsed time rather than “research checkpoints”, but I haven’t seen any specifics. What kind of time frames are we talking about for various enemy types to appear? Are there any fixed […]

What determines if a soldier is gifted with psionic powers?

The game mentions a soldier’s will influencing whether they have a gift or not. Since you can only test a soldier once, does that mean promoting a soldier a couple of times before testing might produce a different outcome than testing them as soon as they arrive? So far all of my psionics were majors […]

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