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Is it possible to promote a soldier twice in one mission?

If I take a rookie/squaddie solider on a long mission and he gets lots of kills – will he receive XP to take him up 2 levels – or am I always ‘capped’ to one promotion per mission? edit: same for Psi skills – if one guy does lots of Psi skills – can he […]

How much willpower do gravely wounded soliders lose?

How much willpower do gravely wounded soldiers lose? The text says they suffer a permanent reduction?

What is the benefit of launching a satellite “a few days before the monthly report”

I’ve seen this hint in the game as well as on this site and I’ve been wondering if there is any specific advantage to launching satellites closer to the monthly report rather than any time during that month. The way I see it, monthly maintenance costs are taken out during the reports (correct me if […]

What is the perfect base layout?

Carefully planning your base’s layout will lead to significant savings and bonuses. What goal should I have in mind when expanding my base? A perfect layout would be the one that wastes as little as possible and creates as many bonuses as possible.

Can you reject Slingshot DLC mission first month and choose it next month?

Slingshot DLC first mission is a bit hard for first month on Classic. Chryssalid and huge amount of Thin Men with 100% hit poison So on the screen with options Slingshot/Normal mission(random) I said normal expecting this question to appear next month again. But it didn’t. So should I start from the start to have […]

How can I kill an enemy under mind control?

I was in a mission and had only one soldier with moves left and a berserker. Since I couldn’t kill it with just one shot I mind controlled it. Then on the next 4 turns I got stuck with it, waiting for the mind control to wear off so I could kill it. And when […]

Do tasered aliens wake up?

In the original X-Com your little foreign buddy could wake up and run off during the mission. Does this happen in the new one, or are they out cold for the rest of the mission regardless of duration?

Where are the savegames located in x-com enemy unknown?

I have a lot of savegames and I’d like to clean them up. Ingame you can only delete them one by one. There is a folder “Saves” in the steamapps folder (I have the steam game) but there are no files in there. Am I looking at the wrong location? I am currently even facing […]

Can I get a country back into XCOM program?

I am playing XCOM – Enemy Unknown on Classic difficulty. In the first month, Australia quit the XCOM program. Due to the lack of money and fitting missions, I could not do too much to decrease the panic level there. Is there any way to get this country back into the X-COM program, or is […]

How do I unlock the new “Second Wave” options?

Second Wave is now a real thing, released as free DLC. However, I’ve noticed that not all of the options are available at the beginning. What are all the options available in Second Wave, and how do I unlock them?

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