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How can I reduce panic in a country?

I had to ignore a call for help from India because the one from Germany had a better reward. Now India is at 4 out of 5 panic bar thingies, and I don’t know what I can do to get that back down. They are not funding me currently, but it seems like it would […]

How does cover work?

From what I can tell, your units either have no cover, partial cover, or full cover relative to an enemy unit. However, even “full cover” doesn’t mean “can’t be shot”, as I’ve definitely lost soldiers to plasma rifle fire in the face when they were behind full cover. How does cover work? What kind of […]

Is there any way to guide what class a rookie will become?

As far as I can tell, the game decides what class my guys will be promoted to upon receiving their first promotion. Are there any ways to influence this decision? Right now I’m stuck with more snipers than I know what to do with, and still only have a single Heavy and Assault each. If […]

How often should my troops use Overwatch?

When my troops are deployed on a mission, how often per turn should I use the Overwatch command? Are there particular classes that are better at this, or is each class equally useful in this regard? I’m new to both XCOM and turn-based strategy games, and I’m having a tough time keeping my guys alive, […]

What affects manufacturing costs?

I’ve been noticing that as I progress through my game on Classic Ironman, the cost for me to manufacture satellites keeps going down. It was §100 when I started the game, at another point it was §78, and now it’s down to §70. What affects the cost of manufactured goods? Number of engineers? Workshops? Something […]

Is there a way to speed up time just a little bit?

Let’s say a large UFO is detected but I only have poorly equipped interceptors in the area. I have a Firestorm with plasma cannons in transfer, but it’s going to take another few hours to get to that continent. Clicking “Scan for Activity” guarantees that I’m going to miss the UFO, but I’m also not […]

Is there a way to recognize destructible environment in XCOM:Enemy Unknown?

Just so I know where not to hide my Heavy soldier behind.

How do you flank an enemy?

What conditions must be met for an enemy to count as flanked? Is the same true for the enemy to flank you? Usually, it means that you have soldiers on either side of the enemy, but I’ve seen enemies flanked in cases that didn’t seem to meet that requirement.

What attribute values should I look for in my X-Com Troopers?

Playing X-Com Enemy Unknown, and I have a Heavy with a 30 Will who panics at the drop of a hat, so I know I should probably trash him. Obviously I want troops with high attribute value, but what numerical attribute values should I be looking for in recruits to decide whether to keep or […]

Are there any advantages to stunning an alien besides being able to interrogate it?

Aside from being able to interrogate an alien in the Alien Containment chamber, are there any particular advantages to risk trying to stun an alien instead of just killing it outright?

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