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The Chryssalids! They're everywhere! How do I survive the Site Recon mission?

During my last game, my troops were whisked off to Newfoundland and forced to kiss a cod. Oh yeah – they also had to deal with a whale infested with Chryssalids. During the mission, you have a limited time to move your troops from one end of the map to another, while an apparently unlimited […]

How is the number of engineers required to build facilities calculated?

I’ve noticed that the number of engineers required to build subsequent facilities (e.g. a second satellite uplink) is larger than the number required for the first facility. What factors determine the number of engineers required?

Is there a way to remove all items from squad members, or exchange items between squad members?

Is there a way to remove all items from squad members, or easily exchange items between squad members? It can be obnoxious to try and remember which items you’ve placed on which squad member, especially if you have many recruits and only a few medkits/scopes.

Do medikits repair armor?

If your soldier takes more damage than he has bonus health from armor, his health will start depleting, resulting in him spending days in the infirmary. Does healing a soldier restore his armor’s ability to block damage to health? An exmaple: a soldier wearing Titan armor (10 bonus health) takes 8 points of damage. He […]

How long do crashed UFO's last?

I shot down a UFO, but a few of my “must have” soldiers are recovering from wounds. I would like to send them in 4 days, or 2 if I had to. Will the crash site disappear or otherwise go bad if I wait too long? If so, how long is too long?

Does the type of kill matter for promotion?

The main factor when it comes to promotions seems to be the number of aliens a soldier has killed. Does it matter what kind of alien is killed? Does a strong alien give more experience than a weak one, or are all aliens equal?

What are the hidden achievements in XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

Steam lists the game as having 60 achievements, but only ~38 actually show up in the achievement list to start with. What “secret” achievements are there, and what are the requirements to unlock them?

How does Line Of Sight work?

I’m a little confused by how the LOS system works. On a few occasions I’ve had my units be attacked when I thought they should be hidden from the enemy. I do not mean just in Full Cover since I understand that doesn’t confirm complete protection. I’m talking about instances where my units are on […]

XCOM for Mac OS X crashes on startup

Since Feral Interactive’s OS X port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available on Steam, I decided to give it a whirl. After installing it however, I ran into a problem: When I click “Play” in the launcher, the game immediately crashes. What’s up with that?

What are all of the priority missions needed to complete the game?

I just finished assaulting the alien base. I feel like I’m getting close to the end of the game, though, and I don’t like it when the ending comes up abruptly with no warning. How many priority missions are left, so I’m prepared for the ending? For the sake of completeness, it would be nice […]

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