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Is better to use S.H.I.V or rookies in missions?

I have reached a point where I have a S.H.I.V but I am not sure if I should use them or not. Pros SHIV has better stats than a rookie SHIV can suppress SHIV does not panic. SHIV are immune to psi attacks? If they die, no humans die (this is more an ethic issue […]

How do I avoid or reduce the time my soldiers are out due to “wounded” status?

Sometimes when I return from a mission, my soldiers return, but can’t be used for a few days afterwards – my squad roster lists them as “Wounded.” I assume this has something to do with them taking an amount of damage during combat. Is the amount of time they are out fixed? Is there anything […]

What do the icons next to a soldier's rank icon mean?

In combat, your selected soldier’s rank is displayed as an icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Sometimes a yellow star or a white cross will appear on top of it. What do these icons signify? Are there any others?

Do alien squads alert each other?

Let’s say there are two different groups of aliens in close proximity, and one of the aliens of the first group is alerted (“awakened”) to my presence. Will the other group also become alerted? In other words, if I know / suspect that there are two groups nearby somewhere, is it viable to try to […]

Is there a benefit to multiple interceptors on one satellite?

Besides the obvious benefit of having an interceptor as a back up in case one is damaged or destroyed, is there a bonus to having two interceptors on one satellite to protect/shoot down ufos? I thought I saw some screenshots of two interceptors against one ufo. But early on, a ufo appears and one interceptor […]

Will a sniper with squad sight on overwatch fire at targets allies can see?

If I have a sniper on overwatch, and that sniper has the Squad Sight skill, will the sniper take reaction shots at enemies seen by fellow soldiers?

What levels-up Psi-abilities?

It is apparent that kills gives you experience that gain you promotion for your normal abilities. How does it work for Psi-abilities? What grants experience/promotion points for Psi-ability promotions?

How do stats affect to-hit percentages?

My soldiers have an Aim stat and a Defense stat. Sometimes, I’ve got things like smoke grenades which claim to give you +20 defense and the like. What does this actually mean in terms of chance to hit? Is a point of aim or defense worth 1% to hit, or some such?

How many civilians do I need to save on terror missions?

The terror missions I’ve been on have had either 16 or 18 civilians to save. What are the thresholds for success and the corresponding differences in rewards in terms of number of civilians saved? Knowing this would help me better plan how many civilians I can accept as collateral damage.

What is a units sight range in tiles?

What is an xcom soldiers sight range in straight line tiles as well as diagonal tiles? also is there an in game graphic or other graphical picture that depicts this? Are there Units that can see further or shorter than an xcom soldiers?

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