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Can a Support class soldier have a total of 8 medikit uses?

Can a support use 8 medikit heals when s/he has the Tactical Rigging foundry project (carry two items), the Deep Pockets skill (one extra use for consumable items) and the Field Medic skill (allows medikits to be used three times per battle)? Or is the Field Medic skill ignored on the second item slot?

Reorder action keys?

So the order of the actions are different for the different classes. Luckily “fire” is always on 1, but I’d like “overwatch” to always be on key 2. Now it changes between 3 and 4 depending on the current type of soldier. Actions that are the same for all classes should always be mapped to […]

Is it possible to hit your own men with normal weapons?

I know you can damage your own men with rockets and grenades, but when firing your regular weapon is it possible to cause friendly fire? I’ve had a few situations where two troops were close together and when the soldier lined up to shoot the bullets (or energy) passed very close (or maybe something through) […]

Is it better to spread out my satellites or concentrate them in one area?

Should I try to strengthen one area on the map to make travel times shorter or try to cover as much of the globe as possible?

Can I abandon an escort mission after evacuating the vip somehow?

I just played a vip escort mission in my impossible ironman and after the vip escaped I was left with the task of killing all remaining aliens, which I abandoned because I had only one sniper at 1 hp left :/ Now I did not get any reward for this mission, is that supposed to […]

Are there any benefits to capturing live zombies?

Is it possible to capture a zombie live? Is there any benefit to doing so? I was really hoping that I could rescue some of my dead soldiers by capturing them alive as zombies. It’s probably not how it works, but I’m curious what the benefits of capturing zombies are.

Why do the cars my soldiers are hiding behind keep exploding?

On most maps I’ve seen so far, cars are a pretty common form of cover. However, they seem to have a tendency to explode, killing my soldiers. Some of them it’s pretty obvious why they exploded, as they were on fire at the time, but twice I’ve had cars explode for no discernible reason, both […]

What's the point of the archangel armor's “flight” capability in Xcom?

I have a bunch of soldiers who are lucky enough to have gotten Archangel armor for christmas this year. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use flight to my advantage. The game’s quite clear that activating flight doesn’t convey any elevation bonus It doesn’t seem to improve sight lines […]

Are the hit percentages predetermined?

I was playing a Terror mission last night where after my unit would enter an area, a Cyber Disc and two Drones would come around the corner of a building. All four of my other units were in a position to shoot. My sniper with DoubleTap showed an 85% chance to hit the Cyber Disc. […]

Should I keep Alien Containment?

Is there a point in keeping Alient Containment after all interrogations are complete? Is there a point in capturing live aliens that were already interrogated besides intact weapon?

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