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How can I get two Xbox 360's to be in “open nat” mode behind the same router?

I have two Xbox 360’s, one WiFi and the other wired through the same Linksys E3000 router with DD-WRT (v24-sp2 (04/13/11) std-usb-nas firmware). Mine (the wired one, though hers has been wired in the past and it didn’t appear to help) always seems to be open (green), and hers is either moderate or closed (oj/red) […]

How can I access my copy of Minecraft from a new Xbox account?

I have purchased and downloaded Minecraft on my old account, and I had to make a new account (on the same Xbox 360 console). However, now it want let me play the full version of Minecraft, only the trial – it’s trying to charge me $19.99 even though I have purchased it on the other […]

What are the differences between XBOX 360 Consoles?

How many versions of Xbox 360 consoles exist, and what are the differences between them?

Can you run an installed Xbox 360 game off of USB flash drives now?

Since you can use USB Flash Drives for data storage now, is it possible to install a game to one? Or, can you install to HDD and then copy to flash drive? Unfortunately I’m one of those with an old 20GB HDD…so before I go buying a USB stick or two rather than a bigger […]

What do the Xbox 360 achievement points (or “gamerscore”) do?

So, I have been playing Xbox 360 for a while now, and have collected quite a few points towards my Gamerscore. It seems like each player has their own points, and they are cumulative across all games. Is there anything I can actually do with them, or are they just for bragging rights?

How can I identify a counterfeit Xbox 360 controller?

I recently bought a Wired Xbox 360 controller from Ebay, and I’m trying to figure out whether it’s counterfeit. It’s two-tone black and gray, which according to Wikipedia means it’s probably the Elite edition of the controller. Here’s what makes me suspicous: There’s no breakaway cable near the USB port (Microsoft’s term is Inline Cable […]

How do I replace an XBox 360 DVD drive if the original drive is broken?

I bought a used XBox 360 drive with a broken DVD-drive. When I try to play any game, it says “Play DVD” on the launchboard. When I hit A, it gives me a white error screen (pics to come). The Internet tells me this could happen if the DVD-drive motor is dying, but also if […]

Can you take screenshots of XBox 360 games?

The question’s probably enough — but can you take (in-software/hardware) screen shots of arbitrary XBox 360 games, and if so, how? Also, if you can, how would you get the image off the 360 and onto, say, your computer? (Currently, I resorted to snapping an actual — bad — photograph of my TV screen.)

360 controller battery doesn't hold charge after unplugging Play & Charge Kit

Several of my Xbox 360 Plug & Charge Kits aren’t holding charges anymore—they will turn on and connect if linked with the wire/cord/cable, but will turn off once the cord is unplugged. This happened suddenly—it’s not like the battery capacity slowly drained over time. I had noticed in the past that certain batteries work with […]

Can I connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to PC with a play & charge cable?

I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller with its USB charger. Can I use it as a wired controller to play on my PC without buying the wireless receiver for Windows? And if so, where can I find the drivers for Windows 7 64-bit (if available)?

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