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Will installing a game on Xbox allow me to bypass a location at which the disc becomes unreadable?

I purchased “Batman: Arkham City” 7 days ago, and I was playing and it began saying “Disc Unreadable”. I proceeded to inspect the disc and noticed a sort of blur in the disc so it doesn’t look the way it should in a good recorded disc. So I couldn’t get past a certain point in […]

I don't remember my Live ID

I have an old xbox360 and my account is there. I want to download my account on the new black Xbox360. The thing is, I don’t remember the email associated with that gamertag. How can I get it?

How do I access the 360 guide while on XB1?

With Rare Replay, it includes the 360 versions of some games to “show off” the Backwards compatibility in action. I can get 360 style notifications and achievements, but pressing the xbox button brings me to the XB1’s home instead. How do I get the 360 guide to show up? It was advertised as being able […]

Can I buy Xbox Live games via PC and transfer them on a flash drive to a Xbox 360 internal HDD?

Due to the region restriction I cannot access Xbox Live on my Xbox, even if I purchased a Gold membership. However it seems that I can purchase games from Xbox Live Marketplace on a PC. I assume this means I can then download them on the PC, and I would like to know if I […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition doesnt say I'm premium on Battlelog?

I bought Battlefield 3 Premium Edition about a year ago, and it hasn’t said that I’m premium on Battlelog. It doesn’t say I have all the content like the ACB-90 knife. When I try to get to use the strategy guides it tells me to buy premium first. I don’t get all the content on […]

How to delete gamer profiles from an Xbox 360?

I can’t figure out how to delete gamer profiles off my Xbox 360. I have a few profiles that were duplicates and some that aren’t used. Is it possible to delete them?

How much hard disk space should be needed for Xbox 360?

I want to get a 360 and don’t know wether to get the bigger (250GB), newer, more expensive Elite, or get one of the older, smaller (120GB), last gen ones. I know the arcade is going to be too small to save anything useful How much hard disk space is recommend? What else is stored […]

Xbox 360 HDMI cable?

Is the Microsoft marketed Xbox 360 cable really any different from the standard HDMI cable? Is there any reason that I need to get the Microsoft cable or can I just get the standard ($3) cable. For the record, I’m thinking about the newest generation of Xbox 360, the 4gb model.

Why don't files from Xbox 360 show up when USB drive is plugged into computer?

I’m using a Lexar JumpDrive S73 32GB USB flash drive. I’ve configured it on my Xbox 360 and got a message saying it’s compatible and meets the standards, but when I plug in it in my computer no files show up, even in Horizon. After the driver was installed, both the USB mass storage and […]

How can I tell if a used Xbox 360 is in good condition before buying it?

I’m picking up a used Xbox 360. It isn’t expensive and the seller has agreed to let me try it out first. To test it out, here’s some things I’m trying to get answered: Is it banned from Xbox Live? Is the DVD drive in good condition? How do I check whether this particular Xbox […]

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