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Can I verify an Xbox 360 game isn't damaged by installing it?

If I buy a used game the first thing I do is install the game onto my hard drive. I figure that this process must read the entire disc and so will verify the disc is not damaged. Does anyone know if I’m right? EDIT ChrisF has seen games that won’t play from disc but […]

Xbox 360 powers on but does not boot

When I try to start my Xbox 360, I get most of the noise and none of the action. The cooling fans spin up The 1/0-logo in the middle of the led ring is lit, all four parts of the ring are dark. The four lights on the controller blink when started with the controller. […]

How do I transfer my Destiny account from Xbox 360 to Xbox One?

I need help getting my account from my Xbox 360 to my Xbox One. I have a level 31 and level 29 guy and I’d not like to start over.

How do I cancel Xbox LIVE automatic renewal online?

Is there a way to discontinue your Xbox Live automatic monthly/annual renewal (and credit card charge) over the Web/Internet?

Why won't survival villagers breed?

I have tried everything from this question, but still, my villagers won’t breed. I entered my survival world temporarily in creative mode to take these screenshots. Here are a couple of pictures of my artificial village: Right now it does not have any crops, as I removed them temporarily. It is supposed to work by […]

Transferring all DLC to new Xbox 360 — “download all”?

I just had to replace a RROD’ed Xbox 360. This means I have no access to any of the content on the other machine since it won’t boot! I would just pop the old hard drive into the new console, but the new Xbox 360 slim is not compatible with the old Xbox 360 style […]

Is it possible to get skyrim mods on xbox 360?

I’m looking for a mod that will stack multiple smaller souls to fill a larger soul gem. Is this possible on 360?

Can I partition a HDD for playing Xbox 360 games?

I am planning to buy an xbox 360 console. my budget permits me acess to only the 4 GB one which needs extra space for many games’ install. I have an external HDD of size 40GB. My question is can I divide it into partitions such thet I can use one for gaming on xbox […]

Why does my Minecraft world keep freezing

My wife and I are playing Minecraft on the the Xbox 360, and it will randomly freeze. We have called Microsoft twice, and both times they have said that it “must be over heating.” We know that this isn’t the case because it doesn’t happen on Mass Effect or on Final Fantasy, and it will […]

Buying a used XBox- how can you tell what the HDD size is by looking?

I’m buying a Xbox 360 console off of Craigslist and the seller doesn’t know the HDD size. How do we tell?

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