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Refurbishing “loose” Xbox360 Controller

I have several 360 controllers and the analog sticks seem to get loose on me rather quickly. Is there a way to fix this “looseness”, perhaps with a refurb kit or some other method? This would save me from buying another controller every 6 months and stop my character from slowly twirling in a circle […]

Xbox Gamertag Profile on Friend's Console – Can I download my content?

I’m going to be travelling to a friend’s this upcoming weekend, and during the time I will likely be using a friend’s Xbox. I know that within the past year Microsoft has made the shift to keep profiles “in the cloud,” and that now you can sign into your own profile on other user’s consoles […]

How do I tell which games have local cooperative multiplayer?

I’ve always wanted a gaming console. I figured I wanted a PS3 but when I looked into it it seems like Xbox 360 has more games that support couch coop ( = 2 player on the same console) I want to buy the console that has the most local cooperative multiplayer games. The specific games […]

Can I download games-on-demand from foreign market places?

I’m in Germany and connect to Xbox Live using a German IP, but I’ve always used a fake address so I can see the UK marketplace. (Disclaimer: This is because the German market place filters out any content that is rated 18+. I know this is not strictly legal, but I’m an adult and I […]

Key specs of USB Flash Drives used for saving game data

Is there anything special I should look for when purchasing a USB flash drive to store game profile data? For example, when browsing the online stores, there are numerous 16GB flash drives out there and I want to make sure the one I purchase will work with the 360, but don’t want to spend the […]

How to copy Xbox info from USB?

I have a USB that I formatted to use with my Xbox. It worked fine, used it for ages, no issue. Now though, I have not used it on my Xbox for quite a while, so I was wondering if I might be capable of copying the data from the USB, onto my PC for […]

Easiest way to screenshot an XBox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii Game?

What’s the easiest way to take a screenshot of an XBox 360 or other console game? Do I really have to buy a video card with HDMI/HDTV support, plug the XBox into that, and do the screen cap on the computer? What about a way to do this within the XBox itself, or by using […]

What to do about a scratched copy of Black Ops?

So I bought Black Ops on the midnight release date. It was all working fine then it started freezing up while loading certain maps. I took out the disc and there is a perfect circle around the outer edge of the disc(which is clearly scratches). Now I tried installing the game onto my harddrive but […]

Why can't I play the Xbox Live Arcade games I've bought without an internet connection?

A long time ago, I bought a few games from Xbox Live Arcade (Toy Soldiers and Greed Corporation). We haven’t set up our internet connection yet since we moved, but I can still play them unlocked. The youngest also enjoys these games so we decided to get them on his Xbox. We went to a […]

Can I use the Xbox 360 Headset for game sounds instead of voice chat?

I recently picked up a cheap-o Xbox 360 wired headset (one that plugs into the wireless XBox 360 controller I use). I’m not an Xbox Live Gold member, and so I don’t need chat features or anything – mostly what I’m looking for is to be able to hear the game’s audio with the volume […]

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