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Are console games locked to a certain region?

I’m going on a vacation from Europe to the US and was planning of bringing along some Xbox360 or PS3 games, but now I’m curious if they will be compatible with my European Xbox. In that past there would be a clear difference between NTSC and PAL games, but is this still the case with […]

CounterStrike: GO – Xbox 360 controller not moving

I enabled the controller in the settings but I am unable to move in-game using the control sticks. This controller works with most other games that have controller support on steam.

How do I take video clips of my activity on the XBox 360?

Is there a way to record clips of gameplay / dashboard activity on an XBox 360 for games that don’t have a record feature?

What's the best way to beat a lag switcher?

A lag switch is a mechanism that allows inserting delays into the flow of traffic on a network. When used during a video game, it has the effect of having the character appear frozen in the game while the cheating player can continue to play locally as normal and gain advantage over his opponents. In […]

Achievements on Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live

Say I play a game on the Xbox 360 and earn some achievements. If I later buy the same game through Games for Windows Live (under the same gamertag), will those achievements show up in both places, or are they platform-specific?

Are items that disappear from Fallout: New Vegas companion inventories lost forever?

Twice now, I’ve completed a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas, received a unique weapon, given that weapon to one of my companions and then had the weapon disappear completely from the game. Is there a way to get these weapons back? I’m playing the 360 version, so console shenanigans won’t work. I have a […]

How can I use an Xbox 360 controller with a PlayStation 3?

My PS3 has basically gathered dust for half a year since I’m not feeling the controller. What are my most reasonable options for using a Xbox 360 controller on a PS3 (preferably wireless, but I have both wired and wireless)?

Skyrim disc damaged, if I buy another will I still be able to play my saved games?

The usual story, Xbox 360, bumped, ring scratch, disc unreadable. My question is, if I buy a replacement skyrim disc, will all my saved games and add-ons be lost, or will they still work, just with the new disc.

What movie formats can I play?

What formats can my Xbox 360 play? When I try to play a movie off my USB on the xbox, often it works and sometimes it just comes up with a error saying that Xbox can’t read this format.

What are the hardware differences between the Xbox 360 slim and the Xbox 360 E?

What are the hardware differences between the Xbox 360 slim and the Xbox 360 E? Are there any significant improvements or benefits of the Xbox 360 E that one should consider?

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