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How can I connect my Xbox 360 to Xbox Live through my Laptop?

What steps do I need to do in order to connect my Xbox to Xbox Live through my laptop? I can connect them physically, but I also have a wireless adapter (if it’s possible to create a bridge using the adapter as well). The problem is that I am in an hotel for the next […]

Effect of Xbox player reviews?

What effect does an xbox player review have on the reviewed player – does their rep or gamerscore change? Do they see the submitted review?

Guitar Hero game play on Wii versus XBox 360 and Playstation 3

I recently tried Guitar Hero World Tour on an XBox 360 the other day and am considering buying a Guitar Hero game for the Wii, my only console. My question is since the Wii does not match the hardware specs of the XBox 360 (or Playstation 3) will game play be affected negatively? The reason […]

If I buy a game on Xbox digitally, can other users play that game?

I’m thinking of starting to buy Xbox games digitally, since I love how Steam works on PC, and would love similar functionality on my console. I Just have one question: If I where t buy Assassin’s Creed III (or any game) on Xbox digitally, would another Xbox user on the same console be able to […]

Are all Xbox games compatible with Xbox 360?

Are all Xbox games compatible with Xbox 360? For example, I want to play Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Would there be any kind of problem?

How many Strongholds are spawned in an Minecraft XBox map?

The latest update to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition added, among other things, Strongholds. In Minecraft for PC, only 3 strongholds appear per world (see the Stronghold wiki article). But Xbox maps are limited and thus much much smaller than your average PC world. Therefore, has it been revealed how many Strongholds will be spawned in […]

How can I reliably play Fallout 3 DLC without an Internet connection?

I just moved to a new apartment, and I popped Fallout 3 into my 360 before the cable company got around to turning my Internet service on. Before the move, when I did have an Internet connection, I completed two DLCs (The Pitt and Broken Steel); I had some items and side quests left over […]

Hardware differences in the 4GB Xbox and 250GB Xbox?

My three-year-old Xbox 360 is having video issues. The cost of a repair is high enough that I’m tempted to just buy a new console and save myself the aggravation. I already have a 120GB drive in my current Xbox, so I’m tempted to buy the smallest Xbox and swap the drives, rather than paying […]

Can I play a game installed on my Xbox with another disc?

So I have Skyrim, but part of the disc is scratched and it won’t ever get passed the standard Skyrim loading screen when I try to load a saved game. If I was to install it on my Xbox with another disc (a friends) would I be able to play that installation using my disc?

Xbox Redeem Codes Recycled?

I just wanted to know how the xbox redeem system works, and if Microsoft recycles previous codes? For the record I’m not trying to scam, I just came across a guy giving out beta codes for Gears3 but when I searched the codes a number of websites appeared.

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