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How do I partition my HDD for use on an Xbox 360?

I believe the 360 uses the FATX file-system. How would I go about getting software to partition a USB portable hard drive for use on an Xbox? (I don’t think Partition Magic supports FATX.)

Do choices in other episodes of The Walking Dead affect gameplay/story in 400 Days?

Without going into spoilers, can I get confirmation that the choices made in previous episodes of The Walking Dead affect gameply/story in the DLC “400 days”? The FAQ on telltale says that it does: Yes. 400 Days will check to see if you have a Season 1 save file. The decisions you made in Season […]

Does Destiny require a license transfer if your are transferring data to a new HDD?

I have an Xbox 360 and I need to data transfer all of my data to a larger hard drive before the third DLC comes out for Destiny. As I have learned whilst researching when you data transfer you may also need to license transfer as well before playing some games. I have Destiny downloaded […]

How can I access/play Kinect Fun Labs using the current dashboard?

I had Kinect Fun Labs and many of its mini-games installed on my XBox prior to the initial Metro/Tiles dashboard update of around a year ago. Now, after the latest dashboard update the files are still on my Xbox’s hard drive (they show in Settings -> System -> Storage -> Games and Apps). But I […]

Can you get the Minecraft seed on xbox?

I was wondering if/how to get the world seed to create a parallel-world for testing.

Xbox 360 4 GB Game Compatibility

Is it true that some games will not play on a Xbox 360 4 GB? In particular, I’m wondering about Modern Warfare 2. Since I “know” about computers, my relatives want console recommendations, as if I knew.

What settings need to be configured on my firewall/router to support XBOX Live connections?

What network and firewall settings are required to connect to XBOX Live through my home network? I had everything set up correctly and working but had to reset my router after a firmware upgrade and lost all my settings. Oh, and I also need the settings to enable it to work as a Media extender.

XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable

I received an xbox for Christmas and I’ve been trying to connect it. Unfortunately, when I connect it using an HDMI cable, I get picture but no sound. I’ve made sure my TV is set to “TV Speaker” (it’s a Samsung Plasma), but with no luck. I’ve made sure that my volume is un-muted and […]

Does the XBOX 360 controller have pressure sensitive buttons

I am reliving my childhood today with the fantastic Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and I have noticed that the buttons on my XBOX 360 controller(unlike the buttons on my old Playstation 2 controller) don’t seem to be pressure sensitive. This is making aiming my Rifle a nightmare, as I’m either not holding it, or […]

How do I save my Xbox Live Profile to a USB drive?

I want to take my profile and save it to a removable USB drive. How do I do this?

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