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Can I play on my Xbox Live account on my mates Xbox?

I’m around at my mates place and its Double XP weekend on COD: Black Ops. Can I play on my Xbox account on his Xbox so I can boost my XP points instead of his?

Thieves Guild Special Job Bug

I completed enough thieves guild radiant quests to get a “special” job from Delvin. I talked to Delvin to get the special job, and there was nothing added to my quest log. Now every time I get near him he tells me my work has been noticed and that we got a special job, but […]

Will the Xbox 360 Slim wipe an external hard drive's memory in the formatting process?

I am looking to get a Xbox 360 Slim. I was thinking that since I have a one terabyte external hard drive I could just use it with my new Xbox Slim. But does the Xbox 360 Slim clear the data currently on it? I want like 100gb for the Xbox and the rest for […]

Can I safely sell an Xbox 360 with XBLA games on the HDD?

Or will the buyer be able to find all of my payment information and stuff? Obviously, my personal gamertag has been deleted.

Do you need Xbox Live Gold to play GTA V with Rockstar Social Club?

When I try to take a selfie in GTA V, or look at some leaderboards of some events, I get a warning that “Xbox Live is not available (or not supported) for your account”. The strange thing is, I have an Xbox Live account and I am logged in it, but the game still gives […]

Skylanders: how does the autosave work?

My son is playing “Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure” on an Xbox360. Now – I know the game is supposed to autosave each chapter and in some other particular occasions. However, he got to chapter 8, turned off the game and no saved game was there. I also tried playing a couple of chapters, turning the game […]

How can I check my ping in Battlefield 3?

How can I check my ping in Battlefield 3 when playing online?

Why does my Xbox 360 reset when I change the input on my TV, unplug the HDMI cable, or turn the TV off?

I use my TV for my computer and Xbox. Today I was downloading the expansion for Battlefield 3. It’s a 2gb download so I decided to switch and surf around. What I didn’t notice is that as soon as I change input type or pull out the HDMI of my Xbox (just the HDMI) it […]

Does the Xbox windows controller work with directinput games?

I want to buy a Xbox controller with PC receiver. I know it uses Xinput. Will it work with old games that use DirectInput?

Won't Xbox Marketplace let me choose my own language?

I just purchased Assassins Creed: Revelations on Xbox marketplace and woe, as usual, it assumes I want my damn game in Norwegian. The game is now riddled with horrendously badly translated Norwegian labels and it really really bothers me. The options lets me change the “game text” to English. If not I would simply delete […]

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