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Can I download on Xbox 360 after disconnecting the HDMI cable?

I want to know if my download will continue even if I disconnect my HDMI cable from my Xbox 360. I have a download going on but I need the display for something else.

What does “Due to varying systems layouts HDMI port may or may not be available” mean?

I am looking at purchasing a refurbished Xbox 360. One of the sites I am browsing says Due to varying systems layouts HDMI port may or may not be available What does this mean exactly?

Can I install a game onto an Xbox 360 from an image on a flash drive?

I scratched my NBA 2k13 game disc and didn’t install it into my Xbox 360. I asked my friend to download his NBA 2k13 copy to my usb flash drive. Is there a way I can install 2k13 to my Xbox 360 from the flash drive?

Xbox 360 unable to read disc

I recently bought and installed FIFA 13 to my Xbox 360, but whenever I try to play it, it says it can’t read disk. I’ve cleaned the disk many times and done everything I can think of. I’ve had my Xbox for 2 years. How can I play the game without acquiring another Xbox?

GTA IV on Xbox 360 – Out of Commission – Helicopter bug

I’ve hit on an Xbox 360 the same bug described in GTA IV – Out of Commission – Helicopter bug: I am on the last mission of GTA 4 — Out of Commission — and cannot finish due to the bug with getting on the helicopter. The pop-up instructs me to repeatedly hit A, however […]

Where are the language settings in the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim?

I’ve bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in german store. Whole game use german language. But some time ago I’ve bought GTA: Episodes from Liberty City and I changed language in the menu. But how to do it in Skyrim?

Gta 5 social club

I used to play gta 5 online on my ps3 but it ended up breaking and I can’t use it anymore I purchased the game for xbox 360 and started playing the game all over again and some of you know how hard that can be specially online.. So I was wondering if I could […]

How do I trigger the ascension/numbers cinematic at the beginning of Black Ops?

Before Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ start screen, there was a cinematic of a lady talking into a microphone. She said the word “Ascension” followed by a series of numbers. Now I don’t want to know why they showed me that if it’s anything plot-related, but I would like to know how I can make […]

How to be sure the GTA V “play disk” isn't installed?

After reading all the problems caused by installing both disks on the Xbox360, I was wondering if I did the installation process as suggested. After installing the first disk I was asked to insert the second one. I’m not sure if there was an option to skip this stage and I’m not quite sure if, […]

Removed XBLA games

What games are no longer available in XBLA? Why have they been removed, and are they still available in some regions?

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