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Call of Duty MW3 Guide for Black Ops Players

Being a Wii gamer, black ops is my first real exposure to call of duty. So has anyone written a guide for transitioning from black ops weapons system (I see the upgrade system is quite different), perks, killstreaks, etc to MW3’s approach? Thanks.

Wii extended range sensor bar

My gaming room is just a bit too big. At the far end, where most of my couch space is, the Wii is on the limit of it’s detection range, skipping from one frame to the next. I have heard there are devices on the market that can extend the range of the Wii sensors […]

Guitar Hero game play on Wii versus XBox 360 and Playstation 3

I recently tried Guitar Hero World Tour on an XBox 360 the other day and am considering buying a Guitar Hero game for the Wii, my only console. My question is since the Wii does not match the hardware specs of the XBox 360 (or Playstation 3) will game play be affected negatively? The reason […]

Do some Wii games require a Classic Controller?

Are there any Wii games that require me to use a Classic Controller and won’t work with a Gamecube controller or Wiimote+Nunchuck? Are there any controllers that have both a Wiimote and a Gamecube plug so I don’t have to buy two similar controllers?

Were there any known defects with the Nintendo Wii?

I want to get a Wii to play the new Zelda game, but I am on a pretty tight budget. I have only about $150 to spend, so my best option appears to be buying a used Wii at GameStop for $80 and buying Zelda and the motion plus. My only concern is the reliability […]

What features does the WiiMotion Plus attachment add to a regular remote?

Does it make the remote more “accurate,” or does it add some features? Either way, why would I want a remote with it over a regular one? Are there games that can only be played with the attachment, or does it just make playing some games easier/better?

Is there a functional difference between black Family Edition and white classic Wii console?

I just bought a black, horizontal form factor Wii. According to this Wikipedia article, this model is called the Family Edition. According to this FAQ at Nintendo, the only functional difference between this model and the previous (vertical standing) one is the GameCube backward compatibility, and as a result, some Wii games/accessories are not compatible. […]

Transfer “save data” from Wii-mode to “Wii U-mode”

So the question is; I’ve now got an original Wii. If i play a VC-game on this, i understand that i can transfer this game onto a Wii U in “Wii-mode” if i buy this in the future. So far so good. I also know that i can download the game to “Wii U-mode” for […]

Are there adapters to use one controller (possibly Xbox) as both Wii classic controller and as Gamecube controller?

Basically I want to have one single gamepad (and I like the Xbox layout best, but it’s not imperative), so I am searching for one of the following solutions: One or two adapters USB (at least Xbox compatible) -> GC & Wii Classic Controller One adapter GC -> Wii CC or vice versa

Easiest way to screenshot an XBox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii Game?

What’s the easiest way to take a screenshot of an XBox 360 or other console game? Do I really have to buy a video card with HDMI/HDTV support, plug the XBox into that, and do the screen cap on the computer? What about a way to do this within the XBox itself, or by using […]

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