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Does the iOS version have Survival mode?

I’d already been all the way through PvZ on my iPhone before the zen garden upgrade. I’ve continued playing, farming coins to unlock minigames, etc. However, the game seems to have entirely stopped giving me new plants. I’ve resorted to buying them expensively from the new store options. How do I get more plants for […]

Are there significant differences between the Xbox and Wii versions of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars?

Apart from the price 🙂 and the quality of the graphics are there any significant differences between the versions of the game on the different consoles. Having access to both a 360 and Wii I could get either, but can’t decide which to go for. Just to repeat I’m not interested in hearing that the […]

What are the differences between Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Counter Strike: Source?

As Counter Strike: Source is also a graphics improved version of original CS. But what are new features in Global Offensive and how they differs from Counter Strike: Source?

How does Plants vs. Zombies differ from platform to platform?

Plants vs. Zombies is available for PC, iPad, and iPhone so far as I know. I’d like to help answer Plants vs. Zombies questions, but my knowledge is based on the PC version. So… What platforms are Plants vs. Zombies available on? Are there any major differences between the versions available on each platform such […]

Are there any different quests in Skyrim, Special Edition?

Apart from the textures getting better resolutions and bug fixes, is there anything different regarding quests in Skyrim: Special Edition compared to the old Skyrim? What I mean is: Are there any new quests? Do some quests now have possible new outcomes? Have some story beats been changed or streamlined? I’m currently debating if I’m […]

What are the differences between Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?

I want to know what are the differences between version X and Y, like pokemons, places, items, megaevolutions, etc.

What's different in the 3 versions of Kingdom Hearts?

I recently started playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. I have played the original PS2 and I know the PS3 version of it is actually Final Mix which until recently wasn’t released outside Japan. However, I am aware there may be even more changes onto this as Final Fantasy X-2 had new Dressspheres and the Creature […]

Are there any differences between Skyrim & Skyrim: Special Edition?

What are the major differences between Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition? I’m looking to understand all of the signficant changes between Skyrim and Skyrim: SE; not just whether or not a few quests have been changed or not. Specifically looking for: Graphical improvements? Gameplay improvements? Performance improvements? Mechanic impromvements? Modding improvements?

What are the differences among Cave Story versions?

What are the critical differences between the various releases of Cave Story (PC, WiiWare, DSiWare, 3DS)? In particular, I already have a copy (of Cave Story+) on Steam from the Humble Indie Bundle 4, but the 3DS release sounds like the most intriguing—is the 3DS remake worth the $30 if I already own a version?

Are there any differences between Okami and Okami HD apart from the graphics?

Okami is now reborn in High Definition for PS3. The graphics are obviously better, sharper and yet preserves the gist of the original game, however I can swear some of the texts have changed as well. My PS2 console is no longer available to me so I can’t test it myself, but does anyone know […]

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