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How do I build a house for my NPCs?

I read on the wiki that people will move in under the following conditions: You do something to please them An empty house is available with a light source, table, and chair (also with walls). I have a house which is about 7×8, then a roof space above that; about half the area. I could […]

Cannot find Underground Jungle Temple

On my 1.2 Terraria Map I have been mining from left to right my large underground jungle using my rocket launcher yet I have had no such luck on finding the Underground Jungle Pyramid, I have been searching the layer above where lava constantly spawns. Have I simply spawned in a world without one or […]

How can I save the world from the spread of Hallow and Corruption/Crimson?

After the Wall of Flesh, the Hallow appears and Corruption/Crimson spreads even faster. Corruption/Crimson spreads through everything Except Hallow Hallow spreads through everything Except mud (jungle) Except synthetic blocks like gray-brick The results of Hallow and Corruption meeting are unpredictable How can I stop them both permanently and effectively from taking over the world, considering […]

Differences between PC, console and mobile versions of Terraria?

I love the game Terraria for PC and played it for ages. Now I saw Terraria on the PS3-Store and gave it a shot. After some wandering around I saw something like a snow/ice-biome and realised later on, that I was on a floating Island. I haven’t played much of Terraria the last months, but […]

Can I transfer my Terraria character from one PC to another?

Currently my map server is run on my laptop at home, and my brother and I play via LAN each on his desktop PC. However, I’d like to transfer my character from the Desktop PC to my laptop in order to play on the go. Can I do this? Where is the character information saved?

How can I enable Hardmode?

What items do I need to make my world Hard Mode?

How do I get rich quick?

I haven’t played Terraria in a while and it has changed a lot, so I want to start over again. What should I do to get some good equipment as quick as possible? I don’t need to have the epicest equipment available, but I’d like to be able to roam the world freely, mine where […]

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