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What new NPCs are available in 1.2?

I seem to recall it being stated that the 1.2 update includes a number of new, friendly NPCs. What are they, and what are the requirements for each to appear?

What gear should I have to survive the Pumpkin moon (Terraria)

I have fought the pumpkin moon and died like 3 times and made it to wave 7 or 6 whenever the pumpking first appears. I have full turtle armor and my primary melee weapon is a demon sickle. I also have the possessed hatchet, magnet sphere, and sniper rifle. I also have other gear like […]

Is Starbound the sequel to Terraria? or what is their relationship?

A game called ‘Starbound’ popped up on Steam and I am confused as I am waiting for Terraria 2. I love Terraria and some various websites said that the Starbound developer team has members from the Terarria team. Also terraria 2 and starbound are both supposed to feature infinite worlds and space travel etc. Is […]

What equipment should I have to kill the Eye of Cthulhu?

I just manually summoned the Eye of Cthulhu, going into battle with copper armour, tungsten broadsword, gold bow, jester arrows and plenty of lesser healing potions. I came rather close to death but I managed to stay alive. However, the Eye took off when I had his health down to ~1700. I’m assuming this means […]

Can an iOS user play with pc users?

I have a Mac only, so I am not able to get Terraria through Steam. I was wondering if I can play Terraria on my iPad Mini with a friend who has it on his PC. I was wondering this, because I saw that Deepworld on iOS is compatible with the Mac version.

Having trouble finding Plantera's Bulb

I have been playing on hardmode for a while and have beaten the three Mechanical Bosses a couple of times. But I have yet to find a Plantera’s Bulb. It’s getting really frustrating. Does anyone have any methods to finding a Plantera Bulb?

Can meteorites land on wood platforms?

The official wiki contains the following bit of advice regarding meteors: Note that if you have built a single-block bridge in the sky in search of Floating Islands it is possible for a meteorite to land on that bridge and you will end up getting only a small amount of Meteorite. It is suggested to […]

How can I break the corrupted rock?

I decided it was time to investigate the corruption, but I can’t break the corrupted rock (or whatever it is that looks like rock inside the corrupted area). My silver pickaxe or bombs simply don’t do anything to it. How can I break it?

What is the progression route in Terraria?

I’m kind of stuck in Terraria. I have full silver armor and 12 hearts (gold/silver gear). I have just killed the Eye of Cthulhu. I was thinking about gathering gold armor, but gold is damn scarce. I have tried searching for floating islands (at 406 altitude) but if I go to far I get attacked […]

Is there any way to increase the drop rate of items?

Some items in Terraria drop only very rarely from certain enemies. It’s a pain having to farm so many enemies to try to get these rare items. Is there any way to make them drop more often?

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