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How can I improve the chance of Solar Eclipse happening in Terraria

Is any way to improve the chances of a solar eclipse happening (apart from killing the mechanical bosses). Basically I want to get broken hero swords to be able to forge the terra blade…

How do I control which NPCs live where?

An exciting new feature is described in the 1.1 patch notes: There is a new NPC housing interface that can be used to assign living areas to NPC’s. This interface will also tell you if a room is missing any requirements. How can this interface be accessed?

In hardmode, how large of a gap can hallow/corruption cross?

After destroying the Wall of flesh, the corruption and new hallow start to spread aggressively. I’ve noticed that they can spread across air gaps and (I think) past terrain they can’t assimilate. How large of a space can they cross? Related Question: How can I halt the spread of corruption after winning hell?

How can I tunnel through water?

I’m trying to figure out how tunnel, both horizontally and vertically, through large bodies of water — preferably a method which can be used early in the game and which can be done with on-hand materials rather than a lot of setup. In earlier versions of the game, water was permanently destroyed by blocks placed […]

In Terraria, is it possible to completely reclaim a Corrupted area?

Well, what I tried to do was completely cleanse a Corruption area. I assumed it’s all about the grass, since that seems to be how the Corruption spreads, and other biomes (such as the Underground Jungle) work like that. So, I bought a few stacks of Purification Powder and Sunflowers, and purified every bit of […]

How should I prepare for Hardmode?

So I have never actually even tried to go into Hardmode yet, for the simple reason that I’ve never truly felt fully prepared for the challenges that await me once I enter the Hardmode World…coupled with nostalgia for my old world, but setting that aside… What should a player have before they enter Hardmode? How […]

How can I halt the spread of corruption after winning hell?

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, corruption is spreading much faster and bypasses sunflowers. Are there any other methods of halting it than hallowing?

How do I earn gold?

I want to buy the Mining Helmet from the Merchant, but it costs 8 Gold Coins, and I do not have any. How do I get Gold Coins?

How do I set up a Glowing Mushroom farm in Terraria?

I’m aware of the general mechanism of mushroom growing (place some mud and sprinkle mushroom seeds on it). However, I’d like to know a bit more about it before I start building my farm, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could give me the lowdown. Specifically: How deep down exactly do I have to go […]

What weapons to use to kill the Destroyer?

I’m planning this speed run with a friend, our situation now is that we’ve just killed the Wall of Flesh, are geared with Molten gear (Armor, Imp, Bow, Sword, etc.). We’re at 300 HP, but we’ll probably make sure we are at 400. Our plan is to kill the destroyer once, to get at least […]

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