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What's the most efficient mining pattern?

Assuming that you are going to start mining from surface to underground, what is the most efficient mining pattern that guarantees the highest probabilities to find mineral? It would be nice to have a pattern that allow also to go back to the surface easily.

What makes plants bloom?

The latest patch for Terraria added in a bunch of new plants (and their seeds) for use in alchemy. I’d like to make a sustainable farm for these new plants, but I’m having trouble determining when the plants are in bloom. What are the conditions underwhich the new plants will “bloom”, and produce seeds on […]

How do I join multiplayer servers in Terraria?

I am new to Terraria, and I want to play with my friend. But for some reason, it says ‘connecting’ for a very long time. I have his IP, and his port, but it will not work.

In Terraria, is there an order in NPC appearance in addition to the minimum requirements for each one?

I noticed a strange thing about Demolitionist that I do not see mentioned on wiki. Practically on my world I created immediately a good number of houses with all requirements needed to accommodate an NPC. The first NPC that arrived was the Nurse. Then I found many bombs but Demolitionist never came. He arrived just […]

How to kill The Twins In Terraria

In Terraria I often try to defeat spazmatism first, but when he transformed, his flamethrower killed me. What is easiest way to kill The Twins?

How can I improve my chances to find Hearts (Life Crystals)?

I’m having trouble discovering Hearts (Life Crystals) to increase my maximum hearts (health). Is there a pattern on how to discover them or a certain depth range I should be looking? I’ve found maybe 3 hearts when I feel like I should have found at least double that.

How do I find good minerals in Terraria?

How far do I need to dig to find good minerals and materials for good items? I think I’ve been digging for almost 200 blocks now and all I find is copper, iron, silver and gold. Where do I find good minerals like amethyst and such, to make lightsabers?

Is it a bad idea to have a water candle in my house?

I have collected a couple of water candles from the Dungeon biome and since reading the item description and the wiki article about it I realise that may have been a bad idea: Holding this may cause unwanted attention. However, now that I have bought them back to my spawn point, I was wondering if […]

How long do dropped items persist?

How long do dropped items persist in Terraria? I somehow dropped a gold pick in a corner I couldn’t get to, and when I went to retrieve it, it had disappeared. Under what conditions do dropped treasure disappear?

Where are my world files?

I want to transfer my world from my PC to a second PC, but I cannot find the world files. Can you please help me?

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