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Can pre-hardmode bosses spawn in hardmode?

I just killed the wall of flesh and entered hardmode in my world. As far as I know, all of the hardmode bosses can now spawn randomly every night – but only hardmode bosses. However, the Eye of Cthulu spawned three nights after I killed the wall of flesh. Can pre-hardmode bosses spawn too, after […]

I have defeated the Wall of Flesh, unlocking hard mode. Why won't the Pwnhammer break Crimson Altars?

Is this a bug? I am unable to unlock the next tier of ore because I can’t break a Crimson Altar. (before you ask, YES, I have defeated the Wall of Flesh and I am on hard mode.)

How to quickly get a world that has a desired set of features?

The Terraria 1.2 update introduced that make generated worlds varied not only in layout, but in availability of various features as well. What is the fastest way to get a world that has the features I need? Is there a program that can help goad Terraria to generate a world that fits my criteria, or […]

My silver pickaxe got damaged. How is it possible?

I crafted my first silver pickaxe in Terraria 1.1. I did not examine its stats until some time later. The name color is grey with -14% damage. I have no problem mining with it but killing monsters especially cave bats (which I have been doing a lot) got weaker. Can anyone give an insight into […]

What farm layout will produce the most chlorophyte?

Which chlorophyte farm is better: 3×3 squares or 5×5 squares? Note that I want them to grow as fast as they can, and I can expand total size of my farm to 50×50 blocks.

How can you make an NPC move house?

Is there any way to move an NPC from one house to another in Terraria?

Where can I find the goblin tinkerer?

With the 1.1 update, rocket boots are no longer a random drop. Instead they must be purchased from the goblin tinkerer. The wiki isn’t very specific about where to find the little bugger, stating that he appears in a cave or the dungeon after defeating a goblin army. Could someone please provide some more specific […]

What happened to all the copper and other ores?

So I started a new world with the 1.2 update, and spent several hours mining minerals. From all my mining, not once did I come across any copper, which is supposed to be the most common mineral found in the game. What happened to it?

How does corruption spread?

I’ve tried to make an artificial Corruption biome in Terraria for two purposes: Farming mobs; Getting a lot of Vile Mushrooms; But I want to do it accurately and limit the size of the corrupted area. So I’m stuck with the following problems: Will Ebonstone make blocks of dirt in contact with it corrupted, if […]

Why aren't my guide and other dead NPCs respawning in Terraria?

I am currently in hard mode and during a blood moon, several of my NPCs including my guide and my healer died. it’s been several in game “days” now and they have yet to respawn. Is there a way to check why they aren’t respawning? Is there a list of reasons for the NPCs to […]

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