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How do I survive in the Underworld?

How do you survive the underworld with max health, an amethyst staff and a godly ice blade? I always die from the enemies and hellstone, but all the enemies are a bit stupid because they stay away from you (demons and fire imps do it). I always enter hell and land on hellstone (there is […]

How do I progress past the initial tier of gear/crafting in Terraria?

I’ve been playing Terraria for a few hours. I’ve got the basics understood – I’ve built houses for NPCs, explored, mined resources, etc. At this point I’ve got a gold Broadsword and some Copper armor. I keep reading about cool stuff on the Terraria wiki, but nearly all of it comes with caveats like “you’d […]

What keyboard shortcuts are in Terraria?

What keyboard shortcuts are in Terraria? Is it possible to change bindings?

Will corruption/hallows destroy mud-based life?

Once a world enters hardmode, corruption and hallows being spreading at an alarming rate, including the underground. Grass, which grows on dirt, succumbs easily to both. Jungles and glowing mushrooms grow on mud and provide unique and valuable items. Will corruption/hallows destroy these if left unchecked? If they do destroy mud-based life, how can I […]

Should I be setting up an arena to defeat the Pumpkin Moon?

If you think I should be, how should I do it? I have full Spectre armor, Magnet Sphere, Rainbow Gun, Golden Shower, Heat Ray, Leaf Blower, Staff of the Frost Hydra and the Nimbus Rod.

Is it possible to create a counter just with wiring?

With the new logic gates in the 1.3.1 update, is it possible to create some wiring circuit that counts how many times a trigger was activated? In other words, is it possible to make a circuit that outputs a trigger every two input triggers? I’ve done some experimenting but the nature of wires and there […]

What is this heart in the crimson biome?

heart http://i62.tinypic.com/f0vh8l.png I found this heart while exploring the crimson biome – what is it?

Unable to get merchant NPC

I’m unable to get the merchant NPC to spawn. I already have the demolitionist and the nurse. There are a couple of spare NPC suitable rooms, and 50+ silver coins, but even after waiting many nights, still no sign of a merchant. Is there anything I could be doing wrong?

Practical Solution For Giant Spike Balls

The dungeon has giant swinging spike balls that cause no end of frustration to explorers such as myself. They dare to keep bold, intrepid, totally-not-thieving adventurers out of the depths with their inability to be destroyed!…Or do they? I have tried removing the block that they rest on to no avail, but is there any […]

How do I summon the Golem boss?

I am wondering how to summon the Golem boss in Terraria on PC. I have defeated Plantera. How do I summon the Golem boss?

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