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How to move faster in Terraria?

Is it possible move faster in Terraria? I mean, when you are very deep in the underground is it possible returning to the surface faster, using elevator, for example, or other things? Or when you need to move from the left edge of the world to the right edge?

How can I defend my home against hallow/corruption in hard mode?

I’m reasonably close to the point where I would try to trigger hard mode, and I’m making some preparations. As far as I understand, once I trigger hard mode, corruption and hallow will spread quickly. I’d like to prevent my home base from becomnig corrupted/hallowed, what do I have to do to ensure that? I’ve […]

What are the different worlds' size in Terraria?

In Terraria, you can choose the world’s size when creating a new one. The current version of the game offers three choices : small, medium and large. What is the size of the world for each option (in blocks)?

How do I mine safely in the underworld without Ash falling on me?

While mining in the underworld I noticed that ash block behave in a very peculiar way, like a hybrid of sand and solid blocks. They can stay up without needing support by blocks below them, but if you mine in the vicinity they sometimes fall down. I’ve had a whole section of ash collapse on […]

Can anything be done to fix the lag in Terraria Multiplayer?

Single player runs just fine, but multiplayer seems to lag for me and my two friends. It doesn’t matter who hosts it. Our computers are fairly decent – good video cards, cpu, lots of ram, etc, but Terraria still seems to lag for us. I’ve seen some solutions online to limit framerate, adjust processor affinity, […]

How can I kill adorable animals?

With version 1.0.4 of Terraria came fluffy little bunnies hopping in my fields and happy little goldfish swimming in my lakes, grateful for the sanctuary my base provides them against the horrors of the wider world. So, naturally, I’m trying to kill them. Not because I expect it to be useful, just because the idea […]

How do I sleep or skip nights?

I was able to build a bed in Terraria and I thought it could allow me to sleep. By clicking on it, instead, I set only the spawn point. Is it possible sleep in other ways or eventually skip nights (or days)?

Do WALLS matter if I'm building the 6-inch brick defense from Corruption/Crimson for my city?

I’m aware of the Tiles required to be 6 inch thick brick for Corruption/Crimson not to spread. But does the walls (dirt walls, underground walls …) matter?

Can I sync players and worlds between multiple computers?

This question was asked before Terraria supported syncing through Steam Cloud. I want to play Terraria with the same players and worlds on two different computers. It looks like the files must be in My Documents\My Games\Terraria. Is there a way to sync those files between two or more computers (using Dropbox or AeroFS for […]

How can I get a dryad in my village?

I already build new home for her but nothing happens.I have 18 gold(if that matters) but no one moves into the new home. In my village I already have 4 NPCs.

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