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How can I easily defeat Plantera?

Ever since I defeated the all the bosses (except Plantera) I’ve been wondering – How do I defeat Plantera? I tried fighting her once, but failed once she reached stage two. I found her bulb again, but before battling her I want to prepare myself properly. What armor should I use? Weapons? Accessories? Anything else […]

How do you destroy walls behind your house?

How can I destroy the blocks I placed to create the ‘back wall’ behind my house?

Can I defeat the Eater of Worlds with only Iron Armor and a Demonite Broadsword? if not, what do I need?

The Eater of Worlds is rather tough to kill. I have iron armor and a demonite broadsword, but he eats me quickly. What equipment do I need to beat him?

Move to a new world

In the Terraria 1.0.5 changelog, I read that parts of the world generation algorithm have been changed. So, I would like to create a new world and move my character there, but how can I easily transfer all my old things (mainly chest contents) to the new world?

How do I safely redirect lava?

I’m building a long tunnel straight down. I’ve hit water plenty of times, which has proven easy to redirect by simply tunneling to the sides when under the water. But alas, I had to hit a pond of lava at some point. I had planned to make a tunnel under the lava, then place some […]

Can I transfer my Terraria world from one PC to another?

I have two Terraria worlds, one on my laptop and the other on my PC. I want to transfer over my laptop world to the PC, whilst keeping the existing PC world. So I’m looking at my laptop and the files name is world1.wld and the game on my PC has the same name. Do […]

What are the differences between the corruption and the crimson

The 1.2 patch of terraria introduced an alternate biome to the corruption called the crimson. What are the differences between the two?

How often can heart statues be triggered in 1.3?

In Terraria 1.3, Heart Statues appear to only be triggerable once every 10 seconds. This appears to differ from the previous patches, in which the statue could conceivably be triggered 6 times at once (one for each wiring connection). Was this change introduced in 1.3? What are some alternate ways that hearts can be generated […]

What is a reliable method to locate floating islands in Terraria?

I’ve been playing Terraria for a while, and I’d like to get up onto those Floating Islands for their loot (mainly interested in the Shiny Red Balloon). What is the most reliable and/or easiest method to locate these Floating Islands?

How do you farm the solar eclipse? If you can, what is the design?

I have been trying to get broken hero swords for the terra blade.

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