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How do you find waterleafs in terraria iOS?

I can’t find a single waterleaf in terraria iOS. I have made many worlds looking for a waterleaf and I can’t find a single one. I even have made my own sand biome with the backround and everything, but after several hours a.f.k, there wasn’t a single waterleaf. And my world was in hardmode. Are […]

Why won't the lucky coin drop after 69 pirate invasions?

I’ve done 69 invasions. And it STILL has not dropped yet. Is this a bug or glitch or am I having bad luck?

What do I do after I defeat the Wall of Flesh in the Mobile edition of Terraria?

In the mobile version there is no hard mode… Have I ‘beaten’ the game?

How do you farm the solar eclipse? If you can, what is the design?

I have been trying to get broken hero swords for the terra blade.

Is it possible to get back your deleted Terraria character?

My brother accidentally deleted his character. Is he able to get back his stuff by backing up his whole iPod?

Why can't I get a pwnhammer?

So.. I spent a good week and a half playing terraria on my android and met with some friends to join me. We finally managed to get to the Wall of Flesh, and me and my friends died quite a few times. Finally, I managed to defeat him by myself and was extrememly disappointed when […]

Why won't Amanita move in and settle down?

I keep getting an alert that Amanita would like to settle down. I have a house ready for them however they still won’t move in. Who is this NPC and why won’t they settle down?

Terraria Mobile – What to do after I have a full set of Crimson tools + Armor

Unfortunately, there is one thing that I do not know; I’ve broken all the crimson orbs I can find, I have a full set of Crimson armor and tools, but I don’t know what to do next. I’ve beaten Skeletron, the eye of Cthuhulu, the brain of Cthuhulu, Goblin Army. I’ve maxed out my health, […]

Can an iOS user play with pc users?

I have a Mac only, so I am not able to get Terraria through Steam. I was wondering if I can play Terraria on my iPad Mini with a friend who has it on his PC. I was wondering this, because I saw that Deepworld on iOS is compatible with the Mac version.

Is there any way to increase the drop rate of items?

Some items in Terraria drop only very rarely from certain enemies. It’s a pain having to farm so many enemies to try to get these rare items. Is there any way to make them drop more often?

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