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Why can't I mine my ore in Terraria?

Okay so I recently lost my palladium drill and I had to make a gold pickaxe so I could mine, unfortunately the pickaxe does not work on any ore (I can’t tell if the ore I tried mining with it was palladium or copper, it won’t even mine crimson rock). I can mine dirt and […]

I can't switch into hardmode but I can break altars and no hollow spawned

I killed WoF (wall of flesh) 5 times already and it won’t let me enter hardmode. I get the pwnhammer, I can destroy altars, but I don’t get new ores spawning from destroying the altars and the hollow didn’t spawn in my world after beating WoF. Is this a bug or something?

Can I mine Obsidian/Hellstone pre-Hardmode without getting Crimtane/Demonite Ore?

As far as I can tell, obsidian and hellstone can only be mined by the Molten Pickaxe or the Deathbringer/Nightmare Pickaxe. I’m at a stage where I’ve explored a lot of the map, but have not ventured too deep into Crimson (and I want to stall that until I am stronger). I’d like to try […]

Is there a mob that can generate new crimson, similar to the corruptor?

Most of the Question ist already in the title 😉 Until now, i only have seen two new enemies in the Crimson, after entering Hardmode: Herpling Floaty Gross None of these enemies create new crimson biome, as far as i can tell. I might have been too busy running away though… Is there an equivalent […]

Unset spawn point on protected servers?

While playing on some protected server, I noticed that once I had set my spawn point to one of the beds on the map, I could not revert to the default spawn point, since the bed as well as the room was protected from griefing. Is there any other way to revert to the default […]

Why won't the lucky coin drop after 69 pirate invasions?

I’ve done 69 invasions. And it STILL has not dropped yet. Is this a bug or glitch or am I having bad luck?

Can an artificial Dungeon biome be created?

Can I build a Dungeon biome in a location of my choosing using blocks harvested from the naturally-occurring Dungeon? Similarly, can I create an artificial Lizahrd Temple Biome? If so, what are the requirements for each?

Does time pass when no one is present?

On a Terraria dedicated server, does time pass if no one is playing? I ask because I’ve started farming, and it would mean I can simply leave a dedicated server running without being connected, and still have grass spread.

Can NPCs jump on wooden planks?

I don’t know how to get my NPCs into their house if it is above another NPC’s house. I don’t exactly know if they can jump on to wooden planks but it doesn’t seem like they can. I want them to be able to go inside their houses without me making stairs every night.

How many bee hives are there per world?

I have recently stumbled upon a jungle in my large terraria world and found a beehive inside it. Excited, I rushed in with bombs and summoned a queen bee. I tried to kill the boss but failed. After my defeat I attempted to find another bee hive in the jungle but as of now I […]

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