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TV displays Gamecube games in black and white and without sound

I connected my Gamecube to my HDTV using a PS3 composite cable (shown below). However, the image displayed is blurry, in black and white, and without sound. The cable fits perfectly on the analog AV out port, so I’m not sure whether this is a problem of incompatibility. Before buying a new cable I was […]

I have encountered some glitch involving an NPC or Quest, how do I fix it?

In playing Skyrim, I encountered: insert something related to an area/quest/NPC not working How do I fix it?

Pokemon Go login issues after update

I downloaded the July 30th update for Pokemon Go and when I open the app I’m prompted to login, But once I login, it redirects me to this page on Cookies:: If I click “Done” in the top left, it prompts me to login again! I’ve tried reinstalling the game, restarting my phone, etc. I […]

How to force Maximized Fullscreen mode in any game?

I have seen several games that have a video display mode that is windowed with no borders, at the same resolution as the desktop. It’s sometimes called “Borderless Windowed” mode, or “Maximized Fullscreen” mode. It seems to balance the trade-off between running in fullscreen, and running a game in windowed mode. Fullscreen vs Windowed A […]

Username and Password not recognized when logging into Minecraft

We just got a new laptop (ASUS) though we did have a mac. We are trying to log onto Mojang to download Minecraft and it keeps saying, “The username and password are not recognized.” We have done all the usual procedures; we have reset the password, we are using the email, not the username to […]

Minecraft Vanilla 1.9 crash with problematic frame ig8icd64.dll

I go to the Minecraft menu and click on singleplayer to test out the 1.9 update. I made a new world (no mods), it said downloading terrain and then it crashes every time (I’ve tried about 20 times now). Has anyone else experienced similar issues and know what the fix may be? Here is the […]

Is it possible to log back into a Pokemon Go account?

So I had 20+ Pokemon on my account and today when I tapped on the app, it brought me back to the original screen when you first start playing. My friend who signed up tested using my username when she first started and my username was unavailable, meaning the account still exists. I don’t have […]

I can't play Pokemon GO! What's wrong?

Pokemon GO isn’t working at all for me right now. I’m in one of the following circumstances and can’t do anything: My game is displaying a “Try Again” message I’m stuck on the Loading Screen When I sign in I get a message that the servers are experiencing problems. I see the map but nothing […]

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