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No wifi connection on DS Lite

I recently switched internet providers (Telenet, in Belgium) and I want to be able to connect my DS Lite to my new router (which they also provided me with). It’s a “CPN / SVG6540E” combined router/modem with wifi and EURODOCSIS 3.0 technology. When I add a new connection in my DS Lite (through a game […]

Why does Minecraft show this crash report about 'BlockEntity' when I try to log into certain servers?

Why does Minecraft say this: Server forgot to send required information to construct BlockEntity It says this when I log into certain servers in 1.10, like Mineplex or Cubecraft.

Why won't my companions react to the correct actions at all?

When you take an action in front of a companion, that companion may like or dislike that action which affects your relationship with them. This is accompanied with a message stating something like “[xy liked that.]”. Depending on the companion, they can react to actions such as stealing, entering Power Armour, Picking a lock etc, […]

My 3DS got wet, what did I lose and what can I recover?

Four days ago my 3DS fell into water while on, when I pulled it out it remained on, quickly I turned it off and dry it with a towel, removed the SD card and game card, and placed it in a bowl with rice until it got fully covered. Today I checked it out and […]

How can I install a Steam game I bought at retail from the disc?

I bought Modern Warfare 3 at retail, and after putting disc 1 in it installs Steam then asks for the CD key. After that it then starts downloading the game via Steam. I have the disc but it refuses to install the game from it. There is no other .exe for the installation besides the […]

Game Won't Launch from CD

I ordered American McGee’s Alice from eBay and it seemed to read just fine when I put it in my computer. The autoplay menu worked correctly and allowed me to install the game, but when I double-click the icon to start it (or when I click “play Alice” from the autoplay menu), a loading spinner […]

GTA V for PC exited unexpectedly

I recently ordered the GTA V PC from Steam and when I finished installing and launch the game. It gave me “Grand Theft Auto V has exited unexpectedly”. I tried “safe mod” and every option available, but none of them work. I checked some forums and found a lot of people having the same problems. […]


Update 5 – SOLUTION: I have just realised that this question has become somewhat well viewed (+10,000 views), so I thought I better update it again and say that I have solved the issue. Of course, it was faulty, dodgy RAM. Sadly I was trying to avoid this as my PC was only 4 months […]

Pokemon Go, all progress lost?

I have been using the app for 3 days now. I just opened it up again, and it asked me to sign “up” again with either Google or the Trainer server. So I signed up with the same Google account as when I first started with and the game started again. Is there Any way […]

Skyrim crashes as soon as I boot up into the menu. How do I fix this?

Whenever I boot up Skyrim, it crashes as soon as it reaches the main menu with no dialog or anything. I thought this was related to my using dual monitors somehow, but I disconnected the other monitor and the game still crashed. I tried running the game in different resolutions, both full-screen and windowed, at […]

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