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Witcher 3 crashes every few minutes

I just got Witcher 3 and was so excited to play it, but I can’t enjoy it. The game crashes every few minutes (around 5 minutes) without a warning. I’m playing it on highest graphics but as it runs smoothly I guess the graphics aren’t the issue. One time it crashed when a cutscene came […]

Will installing a game on Xbox allow me to bypass a location at which the disc becomes unreadable?

I purchased “Batman: Arkham City” 7 days ago, and I was playing and it began saying “Disc Unreadable”. I proceeded to inspect the disc and noticed a sort of blur in the disc so it doesn’t look the way it should in a good recorded disc. So I couldn’t get past a certain point in […]

I teleported too far away and now the game crashes on world load

I’m stuck in Minecraft! I was flying around teleporting myself to random locations to find new biomes to build on. I teleported to 12345678,64,12345678 and it froze. I restarted minecraft and my computer like 20 times and every time I loaded that world, it froze. I started a new world and it worked fine so […]

Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas: major mouse issues

Alright, so for the last 2 days I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve this issue with Skyrim, Fallout 3, and New Vegas. When starting Skyrim, my mouse responds fine, but my windows cursor occationally also appears. To solve that, I’d alt-tab and play the game as usual. However, 2 days ago, I […]

I can't get past the opening splash screen when I try to start playing Skyrim

I just tried to run Skyrim and once the splash screen appears, I hit “Play.” The splash screen blinks and pops up again. Nothing else happens, and the game does not open. I’m stuck in a endless loop 🙂 It’s not the first time I’ve run the game. I have 28 hours of gameplay already. […]

Why don't files from Xbox 360 show up when USB drive is plugged into computer?

I’m using a Lexar JumpDrive S73 32GB USB flash drive. I’ve configured it on my Xbox 360 and got a message saying it’s compatible and meets the standards, but when I plug in it in my computer no files show up, even in Horizon. After the driver was installed, both the USB mass storage and […]

Can't start game (app already running)

I just installed TF2 and launched it. A steam pop-up said the app already was running. That weird because I haven’t played it on that computer. There is no task called team fortress 2, and the game doesn’t seem to be running.

Bioshock has no sound in Windows 7

I just bought a new PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Everything is peachy except Bioshock: it has no sound after the game starts. I’ve searched on Google but can’t find a definitive answer; or else the definitive answer doesn’t work. I tried changing the configuration file to use a different sound output system. […]

My Blizzard downloader is stuck

So I decided to pre-download Diablo 3 for the release date. My downloader is at 100% and has been for some time. Any idea’s on how to unstick it? I tried running the now-complete installer.exe that was downloaded and it’s telling me I cannot due to it being in use by another program (likely the […]

Why doesn't Bioshock 2 start from within steam?

My question is similar to but a little different from this one: Bioshock on Steam Hangs on Startup I couldn’t find anything in the steam / bioshock forums or troubleshooting manuals about this… Neither could I find any log files that Bioshock 2 generates. I recently got Bioshock 2 via Steam. When starting it from […]

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