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How do I run StarCraft: Brood War on Windows 7 without problems?

There are plenty of problems with SC 1 Broodwar running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 like freezing, corrupted colors etc. How to fix this?

How to change interface language of SimCity?

Apparently, there is no easy way to change the interface language of SimCity. I had installed it via Origin on Windows 7 system. OS interface is in English, but locale is different, therefore, Origin had its interface in my native language, and installed SimCity localized as well. There is no language settings in game, and […]

Why did you have to blow into an NES cartridge to make it work?

Did doing this actually help at all? If so, how?

Why does Minecraft on PC keep saying that it can't connect to a server?

I have Minecraft on PC and I have donated to this really awesome server that I love but the problem is every time I try to join the server it says “Internet Timed Out.” I have full bars for the connection between me and the server and my internet connection is full. Why can’t I […]

Can't maximise Minecraft after toggling Fullscreen with F11?

I accidently pressed F11 for PC minecraft and now the screen’s all messed up. When I turn Fullscreen OFF, it minimises, but the button to maximise is not working anymore. How do I reverse it to normal?

io.netty.channel.ConnectTimoutException when connecting to Mineplex

While connecting to Mineplex, I was randomly kicked after logging in to the server, and I got this error messge: I tried all the IPs (, us.mineplex.com, eu.mineplex.com, and Mineplex.com), and tried all with direct connect as well as adding them as servers. I then tried visiting other servers, and, they all worked. I have […]

“No suitable display mode found” error for Dawn of War & DoW: Winter Assault

This is in conjunction with my other problem with compatibility issues with this game and Windows 8.1: I dummied the driver to allow my graphics card which worked for Dark Crusade). But on the earlier games stated in the title, it succeeded only in getting to the configuration stage where (after selecting my graphics card) […]

Why won't my ps4 controller connect to my ps4?

I bluetooth paired my ps4 controller to my ps4 just fine. Then i deleted the bluetooth controller account (ps4 controller)off of my ps3. Now no matter what I do my controller won’t work for the ps4. I click the home button and it blinks once then turns off. Someone please help me before I loose […]

PlayStation 3 wireless controllers won't connect to the system, screen won't even turn on

I got a new game for the PS3 recently and was hoping to try it out yesterday, but to my surprise, when I turned on my PS3, two things happened: The controllers wouldn’t connect at all. The screen started up, but never went to the menu. I pressed the PS button on both of my […]

I can't click to pick up & place items in inventory on Windows 8 Minecraft. Can this be enabled?

I have a laptop that has Windows 8 which I use for playing Minecraft. However when using the inventory, I have to hold my mouse to drag and pick the items and I don’t like that. I have tried switching mouses but that didn’t work, is this possible to fix?

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