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“Coming Soon” error

I recently got MCSM for the PS4. Upon attempting to play Episode 2, it shows a message Coming Soon on it, despite Episode 2 existing for quite some time now. Upon going to Episodes, and trying to download, it says Purchased & Coming Soon. How do I fix it? The game is at it’s latest […]

Loadout unavailable on dedicated TF2 LAN server

When I’m playing on my dedicated Team Fortress 2 LAN server, I am unable to access my load out, because my server cannot connect to the item server: WARNING! The server you are playing on has lost connection to the item server. As a result, your loadout will not be available on this server. I […]

Fallout New Vegas quits to desktop with no error message

Just installed Fallout New Vegas. After some time of game play the game just quit to Desktop without any error messages. Can someone point me directions on why this is happening and how can I fix it? Running on Windows 7 32-bit, nVidia GTS250 MB.

PS4 Controller Bluetooth/Usb Connection Trouble

When I connect my PS4 controller to my Windows 10 PC with the USB cable nothing happens. There is no light or anything. Occasionally, my computer says “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still does not recognize it, your […]

Where do Minecraft texture packs go on OS X?

I play Minecraft on OS X and for some reason clicking this button doesn’t do anything. Where should I be putting my texture packs?

NFS World crashes and PC restarts automatically

I’ve downloaded NFS World from official site and done the updates, however when I open the game at the lowest resolution and lowest texture at some point (after about 2-3 minutes) the game hangs and repeats last played sound (like drifting) and then carries on playing. This repeats 3-4 times then my computer restarts automatically. […]

Is there a way to reduce texture popping in Rage?

Rage is a good looking game, and it sure runs so smoothly on my desktop, which is far from top of the line. While that is technically impressive, it seems there are no free meals, as I am plagued by some very annoying texture popping. While I understand that loading textures only when you need […]

How to circumvent game breaking bug in GTA: San Andreas (PC)

I thought I’d give GTA: San Andreas a go, given that I haven’t played it yet, and having finished GTA V, I got a copy of GTA:SA and tried to run it on my computer. Everything seems to work fine, except for the two DDR-like missions, and in fact all the DDR-like minigames (dancing in […]

No Video output when attempting to run Facade

I downloaded Facade from the official website. After installing it, I tried to play it, but after the initial loading screen, the game vanished into just the outline of the window it was in. The sound works fine, and the hand still appears where the mouse is, and I can type responses, but there is […]

Why can I not login to Minecraft?

I quit and restarted Minecraft because it was being slow/lagging a lot to see if it would help. Unfortunately, when I opened it up I was logged out and every time I try to login it gives me this message: Username or password incorrect! So, I re-typed everything and made sure to type it all […]

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