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The Witcher 2 freezes at the end of chapter 2's cutscene

I’m currently playing The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and I’ve made it to the end of chapter 2, where Geralt is on his way to Loc Muinne. Everything runs just fine until the narration from Dandelion ends and the game just freezes. Is it possible I’m missing some video file? Has this happened to anybody […]

How do I prevent freezes or FPS drops when in combat?

I have tried different settings in the game but nothing solves the problem. The game runs perfectly at high settings when I’m not in combat but when I fight with more than 2 enemies, the game no longer runs smooth. I’m 90% certain it’s not from the spell effects, fog, blur, etc. I tried reinstalling […]

Multiple Strange Errors when Starting TF2 Dedicated Server

Before I ask this question, note that I am referring to a strange error in the console when starting my server, not a strange kill tracking weapon in Team Fortress 2! When I start my server, I get 2 strange sounding errors in the console. They both relate to, what I think is, missing textures. […]

An error occured during age of empires online beta launcher

I found I had a problem “An error occured” whilst patching the AOE beta for the first time. How can I solve this?

Fallout 4 will not get past the initial loading screen

I am attempting to launch either vanilla or modded Fallout 4, but either way, I cannot get past the initial loading screen. It freezes the second the circle in the bottom right corner comes up. Since I am using Nexus Mod Manager, I thought that was the problem and uninstalled all mods I had loaded […]

Minecraft Keeps crashing when fullscreened on server

In single player Minecraft, I like to get the full experience and I hit F11 to go full screen as soon as I log in. But unfortunately when I did this on multi-player the game crashed unless I waited at least half a minute after joining. And with the recent update single player now emulates […]

How can I change the installation directory to drive A?

My friend is trying to install Diablo 3 in his windows 7. But he kind of messed up a little with his partitions. All his files (and also extra space) are in the drive A, but his OS (windows 7) is running from drive C Every time he tries to install Diablo, he change to […]

Why does Worms Reloaded crash when I try to run it on Windows 7 64 Bit?

I am having problems running Worms Reloaded on Windows 7 64 Bit. I ran the app from Steam. It displays the Team17 logo and then crashes. Why might this be happening? Crash details: Faulting application name: WormsReloaded.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c727c56 Faulting module name: WormsReloaded.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c727c56 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault […]

Where can I report SC2 bugs to Blizzard? (also, check out this wild creep glitch)

Took this with my phone hence it’s not pixel accurate like a screen shot would be but you can see what I was seeing, I had been watching a Replay and switched my Textures graphics level then went and joined a 2v2 only to find my creep was looking kind of interesting… what the heck? […]

Why do I get so many corrupt saves?

Almost every time I turn my XBox on and start up Fallout 4, I am unable to use the “Continue” option because the most recent save is corrupt. I instead use the “Load” option. Here, I can see that the last save I manually performed is perfectly fine, and load it with no problem. However, […]

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