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Bad Company 2 freezes on Bootcamp

I’m trying to play Bad Company 2 on bootcamp (iMac “late 2009”, windows XP single user “student whatever edition”), but the multiplayer apparently always freezes after less than 1 minute of play. I’ve tried playing on a server without punkbuster, but it freezes anyway. The single player works fine instead, so I guess it’s not […]

How to install a FTB modpack from a zip file to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft?

How can I install a FTB modpack from a zip file downloaded from the FTB website to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft directly, without using either the Curse launcher or the FTB launcher? This question is related to but distinct from How i can install FTB modpacks to MultiMC 5?, for which the answer given […]

Just Cause 2 on Steam hanging on “Preparing to Launch”

I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 for a bit. I went a few days without switching on my desktop. I wanted to get back to playing the missions today, so I launched the game on Steam and it hangs on “Preparing to Launch.” From what I’ve googled around, people have recommended verifying local game cache. […]

Skyrim sudden FPS drop during zone transition

Does anyone know how to fix an issue where changing zones (immediately after loading screen appears) FPS drops to single digits. Restarting the game is a workaround but I’m looking for a long-term fix.

I cannot type anything in Minecraft PE?

I have a Motorola XOOM and it wont let me type on anything. I cannot create signs, enter IP addresses, or name maps at all. Is there a fix for this?

Minecraft: java.net.connectexception no further information. Me and my girlfriend get this error when we try joining each other's lan worlds

As stated in the title, we get the error Minecraft: java.net.connectexception whenever we try to connect to each other’s LAN worlds. We have tried several fixes including: Using Hamachi Turning off our firewalls Creating new inbound rules for Minecraft Installing a different version of Minecraft Nothing so far has worked. We can connect to other […]

PS3 restore backup restores no data

My PS3’s blu-ray drive died recently, so I performed a backup with the Backup Utility and sent my console in for repair. About a week later I received a replacement PS3 from Sony and have attempted to restore using my backup. But, the backup utility has restored NO DATA! I have tried logging in to […]

SimCity 4 Deluxe stopped working in Windows 7

I had SimCity 4 Deluxe installed and running on Windows 7 64-bit without any major issues for a few months. As far as I can remember, I do not think I even had to adjust compatibility mode, or tweak the command line launch options. Few days ago it worked fine, but yesterday I had tried […]

Steam error: Could not connect to a network on Windows 10

As above, error occurs randomly and prevents you from logging in to your Steam account. Here the catch; I already found (sketchy) solution that works – therefore, following Stack Overflow customs I’m going to post it and accept it. Others are free to contribute. Following solutions does not work: Rebooting computer. Removing any .blob files […]

What parts of Autorun need to be disabled to avoid Autosave lag in Skyrim?

I’ve read that disabling Autosave in Skyrim helps to avoid the lag it can create after the savefile has exceeded a certain threshold. However, I’m wondering if it really is all of Autosave that needs to be disabled, or just some parts? On the PS3, Autosave options are: Save on Rest Save on Wait Save […]

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