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For each class, what are efficient methods to destroy the Tank Robot?

For each class, what are efficient methods (like which weapons to use) to destroy the Tank Robot? I asked this question so that I could know how to help quickly destroy the Tank Robot regardless of which class I’m playing as. I’m thinking of situations where I and my teammates have destroyed all the other […]

I've completed my contracts. Now what?

I completed the two contracts I was given (Scout and Heavy), and earned two of the ‘Teufort’ weapons for turning them in. I expected to get some new contracts so I could continue to earn some more of the schmancy new weapons, but I can’t seem to find out how to get more. Do I […]

What is a good strategy to deal with lots of engineers turtling on the other team?

Now that the Engineer update has come, there will be lots of Engineers building up everywhere. How should this best be handled?

How do I determine what my TF2 items are worth?

As someone who doesn’t play Team Fortress 2, I occasionally get people asking me to trade, but I have no idea what’s a “fair” price for these items. I don’t really get this whole trading thing (I’ve seen people ask for “63 buds”, I have zero idea what that means), but I don’t want to […]

Does the item level in Team Fortress 2 affect the particular item?

I notice that most weapons other than the original weapons have a level above 1. Can this number be different from player to player (or even item to item in the backpack of one player) for the same item? If so, does it have any effect in game?

How do I copy Team Fortress 2 to other computers?

Since Team Fortress 2 is available for free, many of my friends have downloaded the game. Can I copy the game on a digital media (USB stick or external hard drive) without creating a problem with Steam? This will save me almost 6GB download. EDIT: I said that this transfer must be made between two […]

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