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Can't start game (app already running)

I just installed TF2 and launched it. A steam pop-up said the app already was running. That weird because I haven’t played it on that computer. There is no task called team fortress 2, and the game doesn’t seem to be running.

What's the Huntsman's headshot criteria?

As arrows are projectiles, they must use the (large unrotating unintuitive) physics hitbox instead of the bullet hitboxes. So how does the game know where the head is? Is it the same for all classes? How large is the headshot area?

How do you use sprays in Team Fortress 2?

I’ve been trying to hit the “T” key (also made sure it’s the one designated as “Spray”), but nothing ever happens! What am I doing wrong? Are there some prerequisite I need to fill?

How do you prevent specific class scripts from transfering to all classes?

I just started scripting and have a bunch for spy (to modify the cursor, remove view model, modify sensitivity, rebind keys, etc.). How do I prevent scripts in the spy.cfg class file from spreading to all my other classes?

What is damage spread as it relates to Team Fortress 2?

The term “Damage Spread” is thrown around, specifically in regards to “vanilla” servers in Team Fortress 2. What does this term mean, and how does it relate to server settings and gameplay?

Why don't my spawned TF2 bots move?

I know how to spawn bots with the command tf_bot_add, but when I spawn the bots, they just stand there. How do I get them moving?

Why is the Team Fortress 2 install so huge?

I notice that Team Fortress 2 is almost 10 gigs when downloaded via Steam. Why is that? Since the game’s graphics are very simplistic, and I assume there’s not like an hour-long 1080p movie embedded somewhere, where is all those bits going towards?

Why can't I install TF2 in a non-default game library location?

I’ve set up 2 non-default game library locations. One in C:\Games and the other D:\Games. Steam is installed on C: so I have 2 libraries on C and one on D. When I go to install most games it lets me choose, but not Team Fortress 2. The dropdown to choose library isn’t there. I’d […]

What's the secret to playing Pyro?

As the title implies, I’d like to learn how to play pyro better. I’m pretty good at most classes (aside from heavy, which I avoid on general principle), but I have trouble with pyro due to average health, and being truly effective only at point blank range. Just to be clear, I’m not a W+M1 […]

How to map mutliple keys to a button in Half Life 2/Team Fortress 2?

I’m sick of trying to get my rocket jumps accurate enough to actually jump places, that I’m left trying to jump instead of killing the enemy. This would be helpful in Half Life 2 too. As they have the same engine, doing something in one should be the same in the other, right? How can […]

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