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What is Mann-Up Mode?

The Mann vs. Machine update for Team Fortress 2 has revealed something called “Mann-Up” mode, which plays the new maps on official Valve servers, and requires a “Tour of Duty” ticket. However, the only references I can find to that item are in the Mann. Co store, on sale for .99 cents each. Do I […]

What is the timing to reliably reflect rockets, arrows, and grenades?

I seem to have terrible timing when trying to reflect rockets, pipes, and arrows. What is the timing that I need to use to reliably reflect these? Is it right before they hit me, or is it further out? Does the distance the projectile is from me matter? Or is the determining factor the amount […]

When does the weekly drop count reset?

Ever since the weekly drop limits went into place, I only get a few items a week. What is the exact time each week the drop count resets?

What is the technique for effective rocket jumping?

Rocket jumping seems to be one of the most important techniques in the Soldier’s arsenal. How is a “good” rocket jump performed?

How do I play successfully as a medic?

I keep dying as a medic. I don’t run directly into the battle, I just stay behind my allies, but I’ll still die before I can deploy an Übercharge. Do you have any tips for me? How should I defend myself? What medigun should I use?

What can the Pyro return to sender using the compression blast?

What exactly can the Pyro’s compression blast affect? I’ve reflected rockets back at soldiers, but I’ve had very sketchy luck trying to bounce other things back at enemy players.

Is there a way to increase the number of items displayed in the kill feed?

So I’m getting a little tired of seeing my reflect multi-kills being quickly dequeued by other players’ kills and even revenges/dominations I attain, like this revenge kill out of 4 kills in total: (Yes, that’s the notorious team color HUD bug. I hate it too.) The kill feed by default only displays 4 items; although […]

Fastest way to kill a sentry gun with a sniper rifle?

Say I spot a sentry in the distance, and I take out the engineer. What’s the fastest way to destroy the sentry? Shoot a series of slow, fully-charged shots? Shoot a series of fast, completey-uncharged shots? Shoot a series of half-charged shots? Or is there an even faster way? e.g. shooting quickly without bothering to […]

2nd Steam Account on the same Computer?

Will Creating a second steam account work on the same computer? Will I be able to play TF2 with the already downloaded version as an F2P on the new account, or will I have to download a 2nd version of TF2 for the same computer? If so, I know my items would not be affected […]

Does crouching improve accuracy with most ranged weapons?

In many FPSes one can crouch to improve accuracy, in TF2 it’s not clear if crouching improves accuracy. Does crouching improve accuracy for any of the classes? What about a spy’s pistol? What about a heavy’s chaingun? How about shotguns?

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