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How do I use a script without having to type it in the console row by row?

I’ve seen plenty of simple scripts, such as “toggle crouch” and etc. that are basically a single row of a bind command. I’ve also seen 30+ rows of command that have something to do with some script files (which I assume are somewhere in the TF2 directory). So, my question is, how do I implement… […]

What is the default weapon switching time?

How can I calculate with the help of the numbers in the TF2 wiki how long does it take, in seconds, for any class to: Fire with one gun (start stopwatch) Switch to another weapon Fire with the second gun (stop stopwatch) The one specific scenario I need help with is the minimum time between […]

How can I make TF2 run faster?

I experience alot of lag when I play in large servers, is there anyway of turning down the quality of the graphics in the game, or changing anything to make it render faster?

Idling in Team Fortress 2

After the recent class update, I’ve been trying to increase my play time from 2 to 3 hours per week to 2 to 3 per night in order to receive additional weapon drops. Yet this doesn’t seem to be enough to find the weapons that I’m after. My question is: What are the latest methods […]

Is there a way to transfer a free game downloaded on one Steam account to another?

I downloaded Team Fortress 2 for free yesterday off Steam. I used my account to download it. My brother has set up his own now and would like to play TF2 on his, that way we could also have separate profiles and scores. I don’t want to re-download TF2 because we don’t have much bandwidth. […]

Which classes and what moves allow for higher jumping than normal?

For Team Fortress 2, which classes and what moves/weapon loadouts/ allow for higher jumping? I know of the most basic, rocket jumping, but can other classes do something similar?

What are effective roles for each class in Mann vs Machine?

Having played a few rounds of MvM with a Heavy, I decided to try out some of the other classes. Reading that Snipers can charge up the headshot and take out the bigger guys, I think – what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Shortly after joining the server, I was… “politely”, shall we […]

Can one take damage from getting shot in the hat?

In TF2, I usually wear smaller hats, especially as Sniper, to reduce my visual profile, so that I’m less likely to be seen. But that leads me to another question: what if one is wearing a tall hat like Dr.’s Dapper Topper? Obviously, a soldier’s head only physically occupies the bottom half of Dr.’s Dapper […]

Avoiding cheap deaths in TF2

Often when I play TF2 (usually as spy/scout, but sometimes as other classes), I’ll find myself suddenly [blasted/incinerated/insert your own favorite way to die] by something I never saw coming. Many times there’s no obvious error on my part that caused this, but just plain bad luck (bumping into someone around a corner while invisible, […]

How can I ensure a successful Degreaser + Axtinguisher combo?

Every intermediate Pyro knows the puff-and-sting technique: Ignite opponent (Optional) Airblast them to a wall or corner Hit them with the Axtinguisher ???? PROFIT! The Degreaser with its fast weapon switch bonus makes this a quick and deadly combo attack. However, having only less than a few weeks of Axtinguisher time myself, I’m finding this […]

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