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Where does a new Team Fortress 2 player start?

Some of my friends have told me that TF2, or Team Fortress 2, is a fun game. I figured that I would get it in Steam since it was free. However, I have no idea where to start and would like some help. For example, where do I start, what is the point of the […]

What does “W+1” mean with respect to the Pyro?

There’s a more or less subtle reference I’m missing in comics 79, 87 and 131 (pictured below) of Nerf Now!. What is it about? […] There are moments w + 1 is very effective and I dare to say, fun. However, there is a time and a place for everything, and going head-first on half-enemy […]

As a Heavy, who should I prioritize my fire at?

Based on this question. I’m aware that there are certian priorities in taking down particular classes in TF2. Medics obviously are to be taken out first. Engineers and their buildings are a high priority as well. Any high-damage class that can be taken out is great. But, as a slow-moving, close-range, big buff tank, prioritizing […]

What combination of TF2 store items totals exactly $5/5€?

Now TF2 is free to play, and until you buy something from the Mann Co. store, you’ll get some amount of nagging every time you login. MMMPH-MPH-MMMMMPHMMPH-MANN CO. STORE! MMMMMPH-MMMMPH-MMHPMMPH-HATS! MMMPH-MPH-MMMPH-MPH-ITEMS! MMMMMHPMMPH-MMMPH-MPHMMPHMMPH-FIRE! (There’s one for every class. If you wondered why there’s random class models when launching TF2 now, this is the reason.) Now, the […]

When is the Kritzkrieg preferable to the Medigun?

When I play as a medic I almost always use the medigun. In what situations is the Kritzkreig more useful?

Does adding pages to the spellbook do anything?

For the Halloween 2013 event, TF2 added spellbook and spellbook page items. The pages can be added to the spellbook, and the book shows what pages have been added to it. However, I have not noticed any difference in using the spellbook after adding pages. So, what changes when I add pages?

Loadout unavailable on dedicated TF2 LAN server

When I’m playing on my dedicated Team Fortress 2 LAN server, I am unable to access my load out, because my server cannot connect to the item server: WARNING! The server you are playing on has lost connection to the item server. As a result, your loadout will not be available on this server. I […]

How do I enable bumper cars on any map?

How do I enable the bumper cars function on my map? What command would let me use bumper cars on any map? I’ve heard sometimes that if you try to add bumper cars they won’t show, is this actually an issue, and if so, how do I fix this?

How do I get to these “unreachable” places in Viaduct?

Playing in the koth_viaduct map, I’ve often found Engineers building their nests in apparently unreachable spots, like these roofs: or this catwalk here: How do they get there?

What are the vintage items?

In playing Team Fortress 2 after the most recent update I’ve noticed a lot of “Vintage” items. What’s different about these items? How can I acquire more?

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