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What do people mean when they say “Craftable Hat”

When someone says “Trading x for a craftable hat” (generally comes in the form of “Trading one refined per craftable hat), what exactly is it that they mean?

How do I use the medic's shield on Mann vs Machine?

For a while now I have been playing Mann vs Machine on TF2. I see everybody using these large shields as Medic, which I can also see in the upgrade menu. So I was wondering, how do I activate this shield with the default keys? If it helps any I play on PC.

How do you air strafe to the right in team fortress 2?

Playing as a soldier, air-strafing to the left is easy – all you need to do is shoot to the right, jump and hold the crouch button while turning left. On the other hand, strafing to the right seems to mess up all the time. I suspect that this could be because the soldier’s rocket […]

When do I get new Contracts on the Team Fortress Tough Break Update?

So a few days ago, the Tough Break update was released for Team Fortress 2, and I bought it on the first day. I have completed 3 contracts by now, and since yesterday morning I don’t get any new ones. Does anyone know, when the players get new conracts? Could it be weekly or something?

Skip TF2 file validation in Steam

Steam want to validate the cache of Team fortress 2, everytime I launch it, pretty darn irritating. Frag at 0%, Running it in Win 8(VHD) Any way to skip it? P.S:-It is nowhere related to HDD failing in my case, though it might indicate data corruption in your’s, see SMART data.

What are standard weapon builds for a Heavy?

What are the standard equipment/weapon builds for a heavy (both offensive and defensive), when combined with a Medic?

As Heavy, should I be aiming for the body or the head?

When playing as Heavy in TF2 and using the minigun, should I be going for body shots or head shots? Does the distance matter?

How can I get rid of Jarate?

In what ways can I get rid of Jarate? It seems to be quite annoying when I get hit by one; I end up dying very quickly because enemies do a ton of damage to me.

How can I effectively “sentry jump” with the wrangler?

Now that the wrangler has been introduced to the engineer, the engineer can get to places previously unreachable. Is it possible to get propelled upward with just the gun from the sentry to take less damage? If rockets are used, is it possible to pick up the sentry immediately after rocket launch, so that you […]

Do AFK players earn items?

In game, I see a lot of AFK (away from keyboard) players. Does being AFK allow you to get items from the item drop system?

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