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What happens when I block someone on Steam?

I’m ‘away’ for a week and would like some friends not to know I’m playing games. What does blocking a friend actually do? I’m just looking for it to show me as offline and not show what game I’m playing or if I’m online or not.

Remove 'Steam is currently set to be in Offline Mode' dialog

Is there a way to remove or automatically skip the following dialog, which I get because I have steam set to start in offline mode: Steam is currently set to be in Offline Mode. Many features, such as Friends and the Server Browser, will not be available while offline. [Go Online] [Start In Offline Mode]

How can the Steam first time setup be run without starting the game directly afterwards?

Since the incredibly fascinating (re-)installation of some DirectX and VC-Redistributable files takes a bit longer than I’m willing to stare at my screen, I’d like to be able to do something else, e.g. watch youtube. But of course when the first time setup is done, the new game starts, usually directly with an intro which […]

Every time my computer starts it fails to connect to Steam… How can I fix this?

Every time I turn my computer on and it gets into Windows, Steam immediately pops up and says it has failed to connect and that I can either retry or start in offline mode. After this, my network connects and my router issues me an IP address. What can I do to force Steam to […]

How to find “STEAM only” Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source servers?

Both games are good, though I love 1.6 better. One thing ruins all the gameplay. Non-steam players (more than 70% of them are cheating.) They can’t be banned, can’t be checked. Is there a way to find STEAM ONLY servers? Original, non-cracked, with VAC… I mean. I have tried Xfire, Game-arena, with not much luck. […]

What will happen to my owned games if Steam were to close?

Years ago, people would pay for physical discs in order to play games. With proper care, those discs could last years. Currently for most PC games, people pay for Steam Keys. So what will happen if Steam is shutdown? Are there any guarantees regarding if Valve shut down or turn off Steam that users would […]

Can I filter out Windows only games when using the Steam client on a Mac?

I recently got myself a Macbook Pro and promptly installed Steam on it (mainly, so that I could play the Binding of Isaac). While I have quite a few games that are compatible with OS X in my Steam library, the majority are not, and still they are pointlessly displayed when I view my library […]

Enable “Play” button for Undertale on Linux Steam

I have downloaded the game “Undertale” on the Linux Steam client using this method. However, Steam recognizes that the game does not run natively on Linux and will not allow me to start “Undertale” via a custom launch with Wine. Is there a workaround that, for example, tricks the Linux Steam client into thinking that […]

How do I actually start the Peer Review DLC on Portal 2?

I just downloaded and installed the Peer Review DLC as well as a game update for Portal 2 on PS3. How do I actually play the new co-op mode, though? When I select co-op, all it lets me choose is Co-Op Standard or Co-Op Challenge, and in both cases the only levels I have access […]

Both Fallout 3: Game of the Year and Fallout: New Vegas crash when I try to create a new game

I have a problem with Fallout 3 GOTY and with Fallout : New Vegas, both Steam version. Fallout 3 GOTY crashes as soon as I try to create a New game, while Fallout : New Vegas crashes immediately after first video. No other messages than the generic Windows ‘Application stops working’ dialog. I have tried […]

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